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Game & Forum Rules


1) Stay out of Real Life Many people expect to keep personal and real life matters separate from those that happen on the Internet. We expect all forum members to respect eachother's privacy. You may not post any real life information about another user, including but not limited to, name and address, phone numbers, pictures, employers, associates, etc. This also extends to protect other forms of communication including IM Aliases and E-Mail addresses.

Those that violate this rule will be banned for real life Information and ALL posts will be deleted as spam.

2) Server Negativity Spreading negative propaganda about the server and serving no purpose other than to slander the community and it's staff will not be allowed. This goes hand in hand with trolling. The staff work hard to provide this experience to you, and we will not tolerate negative conjecture about our agendas or actions.

3) Content Any posts and topics that contain content unsafe for work should be reported to staff members so actions can be taken accordingly.

4) Avatars and Signatures All Avatars and signatures must not contain any explicit content. Signatures must be no higher than 150 pixels, and no wider than 500 pixels. If there are multiple images, or images as well as text, the combination must not exceed the height of what a single 200 pixel image would cover.

5) Topic Titles Topic Titles, regardless of the forum it is posted in, may not contain profanity or unacceptable language.

6) Ban Evasion Forum accounts may not be created to circumvent a forum ban. Violations of this rule can lead to ingame disciplinary action under the Forum Behavior game rule.

7) Racism Racism will not be tolerated and you will be permanently banned.

8) Attacks/Flames Argue the point, not the poster. Do not attack, slander, or bash fellow forum users.

9) Gore or explicit content Content is expected to remain work friendly. Do not post graphic/gross/disturbing images. This includes forum avatars and signatures.


1) Trade Scams Do not scam players in any way. As a player you are responsible for the safekeeping and the loss of your items. Players caught scamming or attempting to scam will have their scammed items removed and/or all accounts involved will be banned.

2) Illegal Trades Do not buy or sell RSCVanilla gold, items or accounts for real cash.

This also applies for exchanging them for those of any other game. Players caught will receive a permanent ban.

3) RMT (Real Money Trade) Sales The involvement of any currency, items, or services external to RSCVanilla Server (Including but not limited to: real money (USD, Euro, Etc), regulated or otherwise (Bitcoins), Food/Delivery, Virtual currency of any other game, Beta Keys for the latest new game, etc... for any of that RSCVanilla server's virtual items or service (Including by not limited to: Items, Powerleveling, Accounts/Characters sales) is strictly forbidden.

The economy of RSCVanilla is tracked very closely by the Game Masters and Management, and we take this type of behavior very seriously. Violation of this rule will often result in permanent bans for all accounts involved (Buyers, Sellers, Mules/Transferers).

Offers/Solicitations to violate this rule, even jokingly, will also result in disciplinary action.

4) Account Phishing Do not pretend to be any member of the RSCVanilla staff.

Players found pretending to be a staff member will be permanently banned.

5) Macros/bots Do not use 'bots' / third party programs when playing our server.

Permanent bans will be given out to anyone who is caught using cheats.

6) Harassment Do not harass other players.

This usually involves repeatedly bothering a player with inappropriate behaviour and attempting to bypass their efforts to avoid you. Players that harass will get a temporary ban.

7) Language Do not use inappropriate language. Players caught using inappropriate language will receive either a temporary or permanent mute, a temporary ban or a permanent ban depending on the severity.

8) Inappropriate character names Do not pick names that are defamatory, vulgar, prejudice/racist, or explicitly sexual. Poorly chosen names result in a permanent ban. Please take the time to think up a non-offensive name before creating an account. RSCVanilla staff members reserve the right to change an account name for any reason of these reasons.


By reading and accepting the Game and Forum rules, you also agree to obide to the Terms of Service. I understand that my account(s)/IP could be permanently banned if I break them depending on the severity of the offense.


On behalf of RSCVanilla, thank you for visiting us and applying to these rules to make RSCVanilla a better place to be and also keeping your account safe! Please remember that you are a guest and act with the same courtesy and respect you expect from other guests.