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Recent News



    22nd of June 2019, 2:00PM central USA time 

    MAXIMUM Level 20 Combat throughout your fights.

    Maximum armor allowed is full Iron with kite.


    Food and potions will be provided

    [*]No magic allowed for this tourney[/*]
    [*]No poison of any kind.All fights will be 1v1
    [*]Each match consists of 2 rounds.  If there is no kill in the first round of fighting, then the second round is a death-match. (A round is defined as: when a player’s inventory isdepleted from full food to 0 food)[/*]
    [*]Whoever dies first loses,... Read More

  • Easter Event [Ended]


    As many of you know, winter came yesterday and now Easter is on it's way. We're happy to announce that RSCVanilla will be hosting Easter event drops on April 21st starting at 00:00am EST.

    Below you will find more information concerning the Easter Event.

    Date: Sunday, April 21.
    Location: All around the F2P areas.
    Duration of the event: Easter Event will last 24 hours. The first drop will occur at 00:00am EST.

    This year two items will be dropped.

    1156.pngBunny Ears: Untradable ,... Read More

  • RSCVanilla Patch & Upcoming Easter Event


    First, we would like to thank all of you who are playing RSCVanilla and been supportive and dedicated to our server since it's release. I know i say this often but we can't thank you guys enough.

    As time goes less and less bugs are found which means we're getting to that stage where the server content work as expected which is a great news since we'll spend more time hosting events and making sure you guys are having a great time at RSCVanilla.

    Below you will find more information concerning our last patch that just went live as of... Read More