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Recent News

  • Join us on the one year anniversary of RSCVanilla!


    We are pleased to announce that RSCVanilla has been online for almost a whole year now and will continue to stay online due to the amazing community we have developed. The one year anniversary closing in on 12th September and below you'll find out what we have in store for you:

    First and foremost our newest patch:

    • Fixed Dwarf Cannon quest railing damage upon repairing the fence.

    • Fixed Wilderness Bandit leaders and bandits drop table.

    • Fixed Barcrawl minigame bartenders give correct stat effect and damage hits upon consuming the challenge drinks.

    • Fixed Fight Arena quest issue that duplicated npcs.

    • Fixed nature and blood rune chests respawn glitch.

    • Added missing dialogues to Sheep Herder quest.

    • Fixed an issue where a certain Quest grounditems would dissapear permanently after being picked up.

    • Fixed the BB-Code behaviour and content view for the news posts on our website frontpage.

    One Year Anniversary Drop

    On September 12, RSCVanilla will achieve it's first year online. This is a great achievement for us considering RuneScape Classic was closed 1 year ago leaving fans without their favorite game. 

    We wanted to do something as a thank you for being part of the adventure and we decided to drop both "Half Jug Wine" and "Disk of returning" on September 12th.

    Our main reasoning behind this decision is that there is no specific Holiday for these two items and we know some people love to collect rare items. We will also host a pvp tournament in honor of the Gielinor gods.

    Drop information:

    Date: 12th September 2019
    Location: All around the F2P areas
    Duration: 24 hours and drops will occur every X hours. (More information will be found in the thread we'll post a week before the event).

    Two items will be dropped during the event:

    387.pngDisk of returning: Tradable (unlimited amount can be collected)
    246.pngHalf full wine jug: Tradable (unlimited amount can be collected)

    If you find any bugs or have an issue, make sure you let us know through our Bug tracker or by joining our Discord.

    We would like to say a huge thank you to all of you who support and play RSCVanilla. We noticed a good influx of new players and it's always heart warming to see new people join a game we all passionate bout.

    Best Regards,
    -RSCVanilla Staff Team.



    22nd of June 2019, 2:00PM central USA time 

    MAXIMUM Level 20 Combat throughout your fights.

    Maximum armor allowed is full Iron with kite.


    Food and potions will be provided


    • No magic allowed for this tourney

    • No poison of any kind.All fights will be 1v1

    • Each match consists of 2 rounds.  If there is no kill in the first round of fighting, then the second round is a death-match. (A round is defined as: when a player’s inventory isdepleted from full food to 0 food)

    • Whoever dies first loses, and is out of the tournament. (unless you died in semi-final, losers of semi-final fight for 3rd place) 

    If prize money reaches high enough, it will be distributed between 2 events, the standard 1v1 bracket tourney followed by a free-for-all
    at castle  with prize money going to thelast man standing.

    If you have any questions or concerns (or prize pool donations) please contact me via discord (ZEPHYR#0800) or by leaving a comment here. 

  • Easter Event [Ended]


    As many of you know, winter came yesterday and now Easter is on it's way. We're happy to announce that RSCVanilla will be hosting Easter event drops on April 21st starting at 00:00am EST.

    Below you will find more information concerning the Easter Event.

    Date: Sunday, April 21.
    Location: All around the F2P areas.
    Duration of the event: Easter Event will last 24 hours. The first drop will occur at 00:00am EST.

    This year two items will be dropped.

    1156.pngBunny Ears: Untradable , can't be telegrabbed (one allowed per character)
    677.pngEaster Eggs: Tradable (unlimited amount can be collected)

    Players will be able to use telegrab with the exception of Bunny ears that is limited to one pair per character and cannot be telegrabbed. Once you own a pair, you won't be able to pick up a second pair on that character.

    Holiday Drops Time:

    • First drop: 00:00am EST

    • Second drop: 06:00am EST

    • Third drop: 12:00pm EST

    • Fourth drop: 18:00pm EST

    • Fifth drop: 00:00am EST

    For the exact time when the event starts, please see the countdown on top of our website.

    If you find any bugs or have an issue, make sure you let us know through our Bug tracker or by joining our Discord.

    We would like to wish everyone of you a good week and an early Happy Easter and thank you for playing and supporting RSCVanilla!


    Best Regards,
    -RSCVanilla Staff Team.