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Recent News

  • RSCVanilla current and future updates

    Hello Everyone,

    First, we would like to thank all of you who are playing RSCVanilla and been supportive and dedicated to our server since it's release. 

    We been working on fixing bugs that has been reported to us and making sure everything else is working as intended for a smooth and fluid game play.

    The last few weeks been quite hectic with a big work and school schedule IRL but we have managed to get rid of a whole lot of bugs and added more content to the server.

    As time goes, we will get rid of the last remaining bugs to have an optimal server.

    Below you will find more information... Read More

  • RSCVanilla Christmas Drop Party!

    The Christmas Drop Party will be held within the vicinity of the Seers Party hall.


    -We will be dropping a limited amount of Party hats + Christmas crackers.
    -You won't be able to telegrab in this area.


    We hope to see you all there and we wish you a very safe and merry christmas!
    -RSCVanilla Staff Team.

  • Roadmap - October

    Greetings everyone,

    First i'd like to give a big thank you to everyone who has given their support towards RSCVanilla, the community are on point with the bugtracker as well as privately messaging me about bugs and other issues as soon as they come up. We are getting closer and closer to be bug free. We have now over 100+ registered users and we are proud on how things are evolving currently.

    Here's our Roadmap for October:

    Step 1 - Bugs:
    There are usually always a bug found, but we are aiming towards having all the bugs solved in October. The bugtracker should be all green in the... Read More

  • RSCVanilla - We are online!




    Remember to report all the bugs you find: here in the correct subforum.

    Best regards,

  • Welcome to RSCVanilla

    Welcome to RSCVanilla (RuneScape Classic), the website is now online and there will be an official opening post available tomorrow on our frontpage.

    We have opened up the website (today) so you all can preserve your names.

    P.S As you can see there are things that are not complete/missing on the website, it will be addressed as soon as possible!

     it has been a very long day to get everything going, we will see you all tomorrow!