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Goblin diplomacyUpdated: 19-08-2019 18:48:05


What are the goblin generals arguing about now? Solve the dispute so the world of Runescape doesn't have to worry about a goblin war.

Quest Start Information
Start point

Talk to either General Bentnoze or General Wartface



Items needed

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x2 x3 x2 x3 x35
Quest Points

5 Quests Points
200 Crafting xp
Gold bar



Step 1: Talking to Bartender in Port Sarim


Talk to the bartender in Port Sarim found in the Eastern building north of the dock. He will tell you that goblin are fighting over the color of their armour in the goblin village North West of Falador.


Head to the goblin village North West of Falador past Doric house and talk to either General Bentnoze or General Wartface. They will tell you they like goblin armour.

Step 2: Gathering the goblin armor and dyes

If you don't have any goblin armour on you, kill some goblin until you have three of them.

Dying the armour orange 


For this part, you will need two onions, three redberries and 10 coins. You can find onion at the field next to the Melzar maze south of Falador or next to the Draynor village behind farmer fred's house. Redberries can be found south of Varrock west of the mine. Once you have the ingredients, heard toward Draynor village and talk to Angie the witch


Ask her to make you red and yellow dye. When you have both dyes , use them together to create an orange dye. Now use the orange dye on one of the goblin armour.

Return to the village and talk to one of the general which will tell you they don't like the color and ask you to get a dark blue goblin armour.

Dying the armour dark blue


Go to Falador Park and talk to Wyson the gardener and ask him bout woad leaves. He will offer to sell you some in exchange of coins. Offer him the highest price (20 coins) and he will give you two woad leaves.

Go back to Angie the witch in Draynor Village and ask her to create you blue dye which cost two woad leaves and 5 coins

Head back to the goblin camp north west of Falador and talk to them again. They will take your blue goblin armour and once again claim they do not like the color. Instead, they want to see how light blue goblin armour look.

Talk to them once again with a normal goblin armour and they will claim that they like this color which will end their argument ending the quest.