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Murder MysteryUpdated: 22-08-2019 06:24:34


There's a murder at the Sinclair mansion! Lord Sinclair, a highly respected Nobleman of Kandarin, has been found dead. Will you find the murderer?

Quest Start Information
Start point

The Sinclair Mansion, situated north of Camelot and north-east of Seers' Village. Talk to one of the guards around the mansion.



Items needed

(hover over picture)

Quest Points

3 Quest Points
Crafting experience:
Level * 38 + 162
200 xp at level 1 (instantly to level 3)
3924 xp at level 99
2000 coins



STEP 1: Talking to the guard

First, talk to the guard by the fence. Enter the mansion and walk to the room in the east, where a dagger lies on the ground. Take the silver dagger and the murder scene pot, then investigate the window to get a thread. Now, search the barrels found in most bedrooms. There are 2 barrels downstairs, and 4 barrels upstairs. If you've looked in each barrel, you should have these items:

- Anna's silver necklace
- Bob's silver teacup
- Carol's silver bottle
- David's silver book
- Elizabeth's silver needle
- Frank's silver pot

Guard location:

STEP 2: Investing the silverware

Go downstairs to the shed in the garden, investigate the sacks, and you will find some flypaper. Take 7 of them. Go to the kitchen and use your pot on the Flour Barrel and use it then on the silver dagger and then on a flypaper. Do this again with all your silver items. Use the unidentified fingerprint on everyone's fingerprint until you find out whose it was to get the murderer fingerprints. You may now drop all the silver items, except the one from the murder.

Flypaper location:

STEP 3: Finding poison salesman

Now, walk down the road to Camelot and find the poison salesman along the way. Ask whom he sold the poison to. He will tell you that everyone had bought some.

Poison salesman location:

STEP 4: Solving the murder

Now, go back to the mansion and talk to the person whose fingerprints you matched. Ask them why they had to use his poison. Then, investigate the object they were talking about. A message will appear that there isn't poison in there. Go back and talk to the guard to receive your rewards.