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Waterfall QuestUpdated: 22-08-2019 05:58:59


Another opportunity to find hidden treasure? That's was Almera's son is doing near the Barbarian Outpost. Legend says that King Baxtorian's tomb holds riches of the old elven leaders. Investigate the waterfall and discover the secrets it holds.

Quest Start Information
Start point

Speak to Almera in her house northeast of the Baxtorian Falls


The ability to withstand and evade attacks from a Moss Giant without prayer or equipment, and level 109 Fire Giant

Items needed

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x6 x6 x6
Quest Points

Attack experience: Level * 225 + 250
Strength experience: Level * 225 + 250
2 gold bars
2 diamonds
40 mithril seeds
1 quest point



STEP 1: Talking to Almera

First, speak with Almera which is located in her house northeast of the Baxtorian Falls. Agree to help her find her son and then ride the raft behind her house.

After speaking to her son Hudon, use the jump off option on the tree next to you to escape the river. You will wind up next to the Tourist Information Centre. Head upstairs and search the bookcase for the book of baxtorian. Reads the chapters the book has to offer, and go to Tree Gnome Village.

Almera location:

STEP 2: Getting the Pebble

If you've completed the tree gnome village quest, then simply follow Elkoy into the middle and begin walking out from the maze. You'll come across a ladder leading to Gnome Village Dungeon, which you should climb. If you have not done the quest, then you'll need to navigate your way up to that point from the outside.

Once underground, you'll first need to go to the end of the eastern path and collect the large key from the crate on the left in the back of the room. Once you have the key, walk down the western path from the entrance and use the key on the gate to access Golrie's room. Speak to Golrie and you will collect Glarials pebble from the ground automatically. Leave the cave.

Key location:

Pebble location:

STEP 3: Getting the amulet and the urn

It is recommended to bank at this time to make sure you have nothing but Glarials pebble, though food would be useful. NOTE: You cannot enter Glarial's tomb with weapons of any sort, which includes armour but you can take runes. Just to be sure, just bring Glarials pebble and some food.

Glarial's tomb is just north-east of the Tourist Information Centre. Use Glarials pebble on the Glarial's Gravestone and you'll find yourself inside the tomb. In the northern room, collect Glarials urn from the cupboard. If you're afraid of fighting the moss giant, it is a good idea to purposely fight one of the skeletons or zombies to avoid it and grab the urn between bouts of combat. Once you have the urn, leave the room and push the odd looking wall in the south-west corner of the room with the tables. Continue to the far western end and search the Tomb of glarial to receive Glarials amulet (you can drop the amulet and search the tomb again if you wish to receive multiple amulets). Your work here is done.

Amulet location:
Urn Location

STEP:4 Going to the waterfall dungeon

Return to a bank and withdraw a rope and 6 air rune, water rune, and earth rune each. Be sure to bring Glarials amulet and Glarials urn as well. You should strongly consider bringing at least some armour to defend yourself from the shadow spiders and fire giants and some food.

Once you're ready, head back to Almera house and ride the raft once more. This time when you've crashed, use the rope on the Tree next to you to advance to the next island. (Your Strength level may affect your success rate.) Repeat the same process for the next tree. On the third island, use the rope on the tree next to you once more and you'll find yourself inside the waterfall dungeon (refer to the map on that page for guidance). Be very careful not to accidentally click the "jump off" option once you're inside. Also make sure you are wearing Glarials amulet before you try to open the door. Both of these mistakes will flush you out of the waterfall and you'll have to get another rope.

Waterfall entrance:

STEP:5 Get the key

Collect an old key from the crate in the eastern room, then proceed to the western side. Push the odd looking wall in the northeast corner of the room and you'll be in a hallway filled with skeleton mages. Use your key on the door at the end of the hallway and open the doors immediately after.

Key location:

STEP:6 Putting the runes on the pillars

In this room are six stone stands. Use each of your runes on each of the stands so that there is one air rune, water rune, and earth rune on each stand. Then use Glarials amulet on the Statue of glarial at the back of the room. The ground will rise up, allowing you to reach the Chalice of eternity. Do not touch the chalice yet. You will be flushed out of the waterfall. Use Glarials urn on the chalice and claim your treasure!

Pillars room: