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Sea SlugUpdated: 22-08-2019 05:34:59


Dozens of strange sea creatures have invaded the fishing platform and fisherman have suddenly gone missing. People are concerned and they need an adventurer to go out and see what is going on.

Quest Start Information
Start point

Speak to Caroline east of Ardougne.


Level 30 firemaking

Items needed

(hover over picture)

Quest Points

1 Quest point
1 Oyster pearls
Fishing experience depending on your Fishing level: 175 + 200 * level



STEP 1: Talking to Caroline

Talk to Caroline along the coast east of East Ardougne and she will ask you to find her husband Kent and son Kennith.

Speak to Holgart and ask him for a ride. You give him some swamp paste to fix his Damaged Rowboat. The fastest way to get swamp paste is to walk south to Port Khazard and buy some from the general store there. Alternatively, swamp tar can be found in Lumbridge Swamp. Mix this with flour and then cook it over a fire to get swamp paste. Give the swamp paste to Holgart and his boat is fixed. Ride to the Fishing Platform.

Caroline location and Holgart:

STEP 2: Talking with the fishermen and Kennith

When you arrive, talk to one of the level 30 platform fishermen. Use the ladder and find Kennith at the other end of platform. Talk to him and he tells you about his father. Go down the ladder and speak to Holgart again. He will take you to look for Kent.

Fishermen location:

STEP 3: Speaking with Kent

Kent will explain that fisherman pulled up the seaslugs and then started to act strange. He went for help but left his son Kennith on the platform. He asks you to go back and get Kennith. Speak to Holgart again and he takes you back to platform.

STEP 4: Speaking with Bailey

Speak to Bailey the cook and he will give you an unlit torch. Collect the broken glass and some damp sticks. Use glass on damp sticks and then rub the sticks together. This requires 30 firemaking and will light the torch.

Bailey location:

STEP 5: Talking to Kennith again

Go to Kennith and he will refuse to come out of the door. Break the loose panel on wall near him. Speak to Kennith again and he will come out through the broken panel. Then go to Fishing crane and operate it. Kennith will jump on the crane and be lowered to Holgart below. Go back to speak to Holgart and he will tell you he has taken Kennith back and returns you back to land.

STEP 6: Turning the quest

Return to Caroline and she will reward you for their safe return.