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Tree Gnome VillageUpdated: 22-08-2019 04:37:46


The tree gnomes are at war against General Khazard's forces which are hunting them down to extinction. King Bolren needs your help acquiring the orbs of protection which will help them win the battle and defeat the general.

Quest Start Information
Start point

Speak with Bolren in the Tree Gnome Village maze center near the Spirit Tree



Items needed

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  • Good weapon and armour
  • Good Food to survive the fight
Quest Points

2 Quest Points
Attack experience: 6950 + 75 * level
Gnome amulet of protection
Access to Spirit Trees



STEP 1: Talking to Bolren

First, go to the start of the maze west of the Khazard Fight Arena. Follow the map to get through. Look for loose paneling and go through.

Talk to Bolren near the Spirit Tree. He will tell you about bringing an orb to the battlefield and that he needs you to retrieve it. Agree to do this. You now have access to Elkoy services through the maze.

Maze solution:
Bolren location:

STEP 2 : Talking to Commander Montai and firing the ballista

Go to the battlefield north of the maze and talk to Commander Montai. Talk to him again with six logs.

Talk to him again. He will tell you to find the three Tracker gnomes. Look at the map to see where they are. Each set of coordinates are different. Tracker 3 tells you a riddle. Make sure to write them down! After you get the coordinates, head back to Commander Montai. Click on the ballista and set the coordinates on the ballista and wait for it to hit (it may take more than one try.)

Coordinates: 4, 3, 5

Montai location:
Tracker location:

STEP 3 : Killing the commander

After hitting the wall, get some armour (cheap armour in case you die) a weapon and some food.

Go up through to the Stronghold and get ready to kill a level-41 Khazard commander. After you kill him head up the ladder, and search the chest. Take the orb from the chest and head back to the maze. Go talk to Elkoy and go through. After you get in the village, talk to Bolren.

Commander location:

STEP 4 : Killing the Warlord

He will have some bad news and tell you that two other orbs were stolen. Get ready again and go north to kill the level 100 Khazard warlord. Proceed north past the battlefield a little ways until you reach the fence surrounding West Ardougne and follow it west until you see the Khazard warlord who is wearing black armour.

Warlord location:

After you defeat him, take the orbs and head back to Bolren. Look in your chat box and you will read about a ceremony to the Spirit Tree, and Bolren will flash blue as if teleporting.