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Clock towerUpdated: 22-08-2019 01:38:03


Do you like puzzles? Brother Kojo has one for you to solve. He can't find the missing four cogs that are lost in the dungeon below to fix the broken Clock Tower. Can you put the pieces together?

Quest Start Information
Start point

Talk to Brother Kojo South of East Ardougne


Be able to fight a few level 58 monsters

Items needed

(hover over picture)

Quest Points

1 Quest Point
500 coins



STEP 1: Talking to Brother Kojo

The clock for East Ardougne is broken! Speak to Brother Kojo in the Clock Tower south of East Ardougne to begin the quest. He needs you to find the correct large cogs in a dungeon under the tower and restore them to their correct positions. You can only hold 1 cog at a time.

Brother Kojo location:

STEP 2: Going to the dungeon

Go down the ladder and follow the path until you come to a square with 4 different colored tiles;

Purple area, south-east path. Follow the path until you come to a door, follow the passage and pick up the rat poison at the end, retrace your steps and enter the large cavern full of dungeon rats. Pull both levers and put the rat poison in the trough, the rats will die. Go east to the bars and claim your first large cog (goes into top floor).

Stairs to dungeon location:

Black Cog

Black area, north-west path. Level-21 skeletons and other low combat monsters patrol this route. Follow the path until you see 5 fires and a large cog sitting against the wall. Pour bucket of water over the cog and pick it up. (goes into ground floor)

Blue Cog

Blue area, north-east path. Leave the clock tower and head towards West Ardougne, on the way you will see a purpledye spawn and a ladder, go down the ladder and follow the path to the end, push the Odd looking wall and retrieve the large cog. (goes into bottom floor)

Red Cog

Red area, south-west path. Follow this path until you see 3 level-58 ogres guarding a room with this cog, defend yourself from their attacks and pick up the large cog. (goes into second floor)

Finishing the quest

Return to the Tower and place the last large cog on the remaining pole, finally, speak to Brother Kojo for your reward.