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Temple of ikovUpdated: 22-08-2019 01:01:35


A decision of allegiance is important in this quest. Lucien is set on getting the staff of Armadyl which lies deep within the Temple of Ikov and is protected by the guardians of Armadyl. Who will be lucky enough to have a brave adventurer side with them?

Quest Start Information
Start point

Speak to Lucien in the Flying Horse Inn, in north-west East Ardougne.


42 Thieving
35 Ranged (40+ recommended)
The ability to defeat a level 63 enemy with ranged.

Items needed

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Any yew and magic bow will do 100+ Cut through web x20
Quest Points

1 quest point
Ranged experience: Level * 250 + 500
At level 39: 10250
At level 99: 25250
Fletching experience: Level * 250 + 500
At level 40: 10500
At level 99: 25250



STEP 1: Talking to Lucien

Lucian location:

STEP 2: Getting the Boots of Lightness

Enter the temple dungeon northeast of Ardougne and wear your pendant of Lucien to enter the dark room (known as the Room of Fear). Find the staircase, make sure you have a lit candle, and go down them. Chop the spiders' webs by using a knife or sharp weapon on them and take the boots of lightfootedness.

Dungeon location:
Boots location:

STEP 3: The trapped Lever

Go back up the staircase and through the northern door in the Room of Fear. You should be in a room containing level-54 skeletons. Wear the boots of lightfootedness to walk across the western bridge and through the door to retrieve the lever piece. Return across the bridge, and walk further north through the cave until you reach a lever. Make sure you disable the traps on the lever before pulling it.

Level location:

STEP 4: The Ice Arrow

Return to the entrance ladder of the cave and enter the room filled with ice spiders. You must pass level-68 ice spiders to reach the ice arrows. When you pick up ice arrows, you will be teleported back to the door. Note that only one ice arrow needs to be collected, and that they can only be used with either a yew bow or magic bow

Head north, passing the cave where you disabled the lever trap. You will find a locked door and a leverr bracket (this is sometimes hard to see). Insert the lever piece into the bracket and pull open the door. (Do it quick or the lever will disappear in seconds!) You must start to kill the fire warrior of lesarkus, starting out with at least one ice arrow. If you run out of ice arrows then other arrows may be used to finish him off. This will open the door next to him.

Ice arrow location:

STEP 5: Winelda the Witch

Talk to Winelda and give her 20 limpwurt roots. She will teleport you across the lava.

Winelda location:

STEP 6: The Shiny Key

Go past the level-54 skeletons and then past the level-79 lesser demons and take the shiny key at the end of the passage.

Key location:

STEP 7: The choice
Go back up the passage and push the strange looking wall to enter the room of the guardian of Armadyl. You now have two options, to side with the guardians, protecting the staff of Armadyl, or siding with Lucien, who wants it for himself.

Siding with the Guardians

Remove your pendant of Lucien. Talk to one of the guardians. He will tell you to kill Lucien to protect the staff and gives you a pendant of Armadyl which will allow you to attack Lucien.

Siding with Lucien

Keep your pendant of Lucien equipped. Take the staff of Armadyl - you may have to kill many of the guardian of Armadyl before they let you. Telekinetic grab does NOT work on the staff.

Return to Lucien

Exit the room by the strange looking wall and go up the ladder near Winelda and the lava. Use your shiny key on the door to exit, and you will find it leads you slightly north of McGrubor's Wood. You must proceed to the section of forest east of Edgeville, and north-west of Varrock, across Edgeville's bridge. You will find a building. Enter that building and kill Lucien (who is level 21) or give him the staff of Armadyl to complete the quest