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Fishing contestUpdated: 21-08-2019 22:48:37


The Mountain Dwarves have been wanting the Hemenster Fishing Competition trophy for some time now, but someone else keeps on winning. They aren't too fond of strangers, but if you were to bring it home for them they would consider you a friend.

Quest Start Information
Start point

Talk to dwarf at white wolf mountain stairs


10 Fishing

Items needed

(hover over picture)

Quest Points

1 Quest Point
Fishing experience (see this table)
Access to the underground tunnel beneath the White Wolf Mountain



STEP 1: Gather these items first

You may get a fishing rod before starting the quest. One can be bought for 5 coins from either Gerrant in Port Sarim or from Harry in Catherby. If you start the quest without a fishing rod, you should probably walk to Catherby as Catherby is closer to the dwarfs and to the Hemenster fishing contest than Port Sarim which is quite far away from the dwarfs and Hemenster. You cannot get a fishing rod from Grandpa Jack.

You should get garlic before you start the quest. Garlic can be obtained from the building north of Ned and east of Morgan in Draynor Village. Go upstairs in the building and search the cupboard. If you want to get spare garlic, use the drop trick.

You should get a spade before starting the quest. Spade item spawns exist in the following locations:

- The eastern room on the ground floor of Draynor Manor
- In the house north of Falador Park
- Edmond and Elena house in East Ardougne, located north of Ardougne Castle
- The second floor of Varrock's general store

STEP 2: Talking to the mountain dwarves

Speak to either one of the Mountain dwarf near White Wolf Mountain. They'll tell you that they will let you use their tunnel under the mountain, if you earn their trust. They go on to tell you about the Hemenster Fishing Contest. They'll give you a fishing competition pass and tell you to win the trophy.

Dwarves location:

Grandpa Jack

Travel to Hemenster, located north of Ardougne. Show Morris your fishing competition pass and he will let you pass. You can try to fish for the contest, but you will always lose. Talk to Grandpa Jack, who is located exactly in a house north-east of Hemenster, and he will tell you the secrets to his fishing ability. He will tell you to always use the spot next to the pipes. He also says that his best bait was red vine worms gained through McGrubor's Wood.

Granpa Jack location:

Gathering the items to win the contest

Put a spade in your inventory before heading to McGrubor's Wood. You will need to obtain red vine worms to catch the giant carp. If you try and enter the woods through the main entrance, the forester will tell you that it's a private property, and that you can't enter, therefore you will have to enter through another way. Head east of the woods and you will find a hidden entrance. The "Fence with loose panels" is on the east fence (unlike in RuneScape 2, where the gap in the fence to squeeze through is located in the middle section of the northern fence). The fence with loose pannels will be just south of the only tree that is in direct contact with the east fence, located very close to the north-eastern corner of McGrubor's Wood. Once inside, you must find the red vine, which is located in the western part of the woods.

There are level-40 guard dog patrolling through McGrubor's Wood; be careful walking through McGrubor's Wood if your combat level is low. Should you be spotted by a guard dog, the dog will attack and you will not be able to run away from it since RSC has 3-hit combat. If your combat level is low, you can walk along the northern fence to lower the chance of the guard dog spotting you; walk along the fence until you get to the middle of McGrubor's Wood, then walk west to the red vine. Use your spade on the vine and you will obtain a red vine worms.

Red worms location:

Winning the contest

Once all of the items are obtained (garlic, fishing rod, red vine worms; do not forget to bring your fishing competition pass and 5 coins), go back to Hemenster to enter the contest (you need to pay 5 coins to Bonzo). Use the garlic on the pipe next to the sinister stranger (of the three, the pipe farthest from the water). He'll complain about a strong garlic smell, and switch spots with you.
Cast out your rod and you will catch a giant carp. Talk to Bonzo, show him the fish and he will tell you to wait for the time to be over. A few of seconds later the contest will end and you will win. You will be given the Hemenster fishing trophy.

Go back to either of the two Mountain dwarf to complete the quest.