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Druidic ritualUpdated: 20-08-2019 02:34:42


Dark wizards have tainted the alter of the peaceful druids with their evils magicks. Help them cleanse it and they promise the knowledge of herblore.

Quest Start Information
Start point


*Having some combat stats can help

Items needed

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Quest Points

4 Quest Points
250 Herblaw experience
Ability to use the Herblaw skill



Step 1: Talking to Kaqemeex


Head toward the Stone Circle located North West of Falador past the gate.

Talk to Kaqemeex and he'll tell you that you need to talk to Sanfew.

Go south to Taverly and find Sanfew. He is located two house north of the Two-handed sword shop.

Step 2: Collecting Sanfew items

Sanfew will ask that you collect raw meats for his ritual. The four meats you need to collect are listed below

Cow meat

You can find cow meat in the Lumbridge cow pen. Kill a cow and grab the meat.

Chicken meat

You can find chicken at the two Lumbridge farm and at the farm south of Falador. Kill one chicken and grab a piece of meat.

Bear meat

Bear are found north of Falador on the gap leading to the wilderness between the ice mountain and Doric's house. You can also find a bear East of the Varrock mine. You can also find bear East of Ardougne South of the Legend guild.

Rat meat

You can find rat at many places in the world. The fastest way to get rat meat is by killing a rat found South of Port Sarim.

Once you have your four pieces of meat, you are ready for the next step.

Step 3: The Cauldron of Thunder


Go back to Taverly and head south until you find a ladder surrounded by trees. Go down the ladder and you'll find yourself in a dungeon.

Go north until you find two Suit of armour guarding a door. Once you try to open the door, one of the Suit of armour will attack you. 

Once you kill the first one, the second one will attack you. Once both are dead, go inside the room and dip all your piece of meat in the cauldron. They will become enchanted as you use them with the Cauldron. Once you enchanted all four pieces, head back to the ladder and go North to Taverly.

Go back to Sanfew and he will take the enchanted meats and ask you to visit Kaqemeex at the druid circle North East of Taverly.

You're quest will be completed once you talk to Kaqemeex.