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Lost CityUpdated: 20-08-2019 02:23:51


Legends speak of a city that brings mystical beauty and new magic to whoever enters. Can you be the adventurer that finds Zanaris? Just remember, sometimes you have to look deeper. Otherwise, you won't see a thing!

Quest Start Information
Start point

31 Crafting
36 Woodcutting
Must be able to kill a level 95 tree spirit with no armour and a weak weapon

Items needed

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(Obtained during the quest)
Quest Points


Step 1: Finding the leprechaun

Go to the Lumbridge swamp. On you're way there you'll notice 4 adventurers. An archer, a warrior, a wizard and a cleric.

Talk to the warrior and ask him if he knows of any adventure.

Then tell him:

-"I don't think you've found a good adventure at all".
-"What make you think it's out there".
-"If it's hidden how are you planning to find it".
 -"Looks like you don't know either if you're sitting around here".

Now to find the leprechaun, find a tree north of the camp with the option "Search", Once you find it, search the tree and a leprechaun will appear.

Ask him about the Lost city and he will tell you that you need a dramen staff to access the lost city by carving a dramen branch from the Dramen tree in the Entrana dungeon which can be accessed from a boat in Port Sarim.  (The boat to entrana is the one south of the dock with monk wandering around. To access entrana, you cannot have a weapon nor armour in your inventory)

*You can bring runes to cast spells, unstrung bow with a bow string to build a bow once there.

Step 2: Obtaining the Dramen staff

Bank all your weapons and armour . Bring all the food needed for the upcoming fight. You can bring an unstrung bow and a bow string (zombie in the dungeon can drop bronze arrows) . It's advised to also bring teleport runes in case something goes sour. Upon killing the tree spirit, you will have to take a door that teleport you to the level 31 wilderness so make sure you have plenty food.

Go to Port Sarim and reach the boat to Entrana located at the south end of the dock. Talk to the monk which will inspect you to see if you have any weapons or armour on you and will let you board the ship if everything is in order.

Once in Entrana, go to the North West part of the island and you'll see a monk next to a stair that lead to a dungeon. Talk to the monk and he'll warn you of the danger found within the dungeon. 


Now that you are in the dungeon, start killing zombie until you get a bronze axe. Go past the greater demons and you'll see a Dramen tree. Try to cut the tree and a tree spirit will appear.

Killing the spirit tree

Since bronze axe will be your main weapon, this battle ain't an easy fight if you are low-med combat level. There is a few tricks to help you kill the tree spirit if you do not have Paralyze monster prayer or low level magic.

* You can use another account or the help of someone to block the tree spirit while you gain back hitpoints or range/mage it.

*You can use strength and attack potion to help you hit the tree more.

*If you have Paralyze monster, this will be an easy fight. Bring a prayer potion or two as the fight could take a while with lower stats.

*You can also ask someone to help you kill zombie to gather enough arrows to range the tree if you brought an unstrung bow and a bow string.

Once you've killed the tree spirit, cut enough branch to have some spare dramen staff and take the door North of the greater demons . You'll land in the level 31 wilderness, go south all the way until you exit the wilderness.

*If you brought teleport runes, you can simply teleport to the location of your choice instead of having to go through wilderness.

Step 3: Final step

Use a knife on your dramen branch to transform them into dramen staff. Equip your dramen staff and head toward the Lumbridge swamp.

As you go to the Eastern part of the swamp, you will see a small shack.

Open the door and you'll be teleport to Zanaris which will complete the quest. (Make sure you have dramen staff equipped or you won't be teleported to Zanaris upon opening the door.