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Witch's houseUpdated: 20-08-2019 01:43:50


In Taverley, a witch resides in her home and just wants to be left alone to her spells and witchcraft. However, a small boy kicked his ball into her garden by accident and the mean witch refuses to give it back!

Quest Start Information
Start point

Must be able to defeat 4 monsters from level 19 to 53 without a break or eating food. Paralyze monster is a plus.

Items needed

(hover over picture)

Quest Points

4 Quest Points
Hits experience: Level * 150 + 325



Step 1: Talking to the boy


Speak to the boy North of the witch house which is located West of the gate between Falador and Taverly.

Step 2: Completing the quest

Go in front of the witch house and search the door mat, you will find a key. Open the door and go upstairs.

Once upstairs, grab the diary from the table.

Go downstairs and take the ladder to the basement. Make sure your leather glove are equipped for the next step.

Open the gate and retrieve the magnet from the cupboard.

Go back to the main floor and go into the room opposite side of the entrance door. Once inside, drop your cheese on the floor (Make sure you do not eat it)

Once you dropped the cheese, the rat will come out, you need to be quick for this step or the rat will leave. Once the rat appears, use the magnet on him and the rat will unlock a door due to the magnet being attached on him.

Step 3: Final stage

Now that the rat unlocked the door, go through the backdoor and you'll hear footstep. Head to the house door next to the door you went through to enter the garden and hide in the small room. The witch will come out and open the shed

*If she catches you, she will teleport you to the crafting guild and you'll have to get the magnet again

Once she's back in the house, go into the shed and try to grab the ball. You'll have to fight the 4 shapeshifter monsters back to back without retreating or eating. Using Paralyze monster is a good way to kill the monsters with no issues.

*If you flee from the battle, you'll have to kill them all again.

Once you killed them , grab the ball and bring it back to the boy which will complete the quest.