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Cook's assistantUpdated: 19-08-2019 18:40:23


Duke of Lumbridge is having a birthday, but the Cook has forgotten to buy the ingredients for the cake. Can you help him get them in time?

Quest Start Information
Start point

Talk to the Cook in kitchen of the first floor.



Items needed

(hover over picture)

Quest Points

1 Quest Point
Cooking experience: Level*50+250
Access to the Cook's Range in Lumbridge Castle



Step 1: Talking to the Cook in Lumbridge

Talk to the Cook in Lumbridge Castle. He will ask you to help him get the ingredients for the cake because he has forgotten to buy them. Tell him that you will help. 

Step 2: Getting the ingredients


Flour:  Get a pot in Lumbridge Castle. Then head northwest. You should find a windmill. There is a grain field west of the windmill. Pick one grain and go into the windmill. Go up to the top floor and use your grain on the hopper. Operate the hopper and go back down. Use your pot with the flour

Egg: You can find some eggs at a farm located northeast of Lumbridge. After you find the farm, there should be some chickens there. You can find some egg near the chickens

Milk: There should be a house near the chickens at the farm. Enter the house and get a bucket. Exit the farm and go to the east of this farm. You will find some  cows there. Use the bucket on a cow and you will get a bucket of milk

After you get all the ingredients, return to the Cook and he will reward you.