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Vampire slayerUpdated: 19-08-2019 18:59:40


The nasty blood sucking fiend that lives under Draynor Manor has all the local citizens living in fear constantly, but no one is brave enough to face him in a fight to the death.

Quest Start Information
Start point

Talk to Morgan in Draynor village


Able to defeat a level-43 vampire

Items needed

(hover over picture)

(Obtained during the quest)
Quest Points

3 Quest Points
Attack experience: Level * 150 + 325



Step 1: Talking to Morgan


Talk to Morgan in Draynor village. He will ask you to kill a Vampire that been terrorizing the village. 

He will ask you to talk to Dr Harlow located in the Jolly Boar Inn located North-East of Varrock near the wilderness border. Make sure you grab a clove of garlic found on the second floor of his house in a cupboard.

Step 2: Talking to Doctor Harlow


Head toward the Jolly Boar Inn located North-East of Varrock near the wilderness border. Once there, talk to Dr Harlow. Tell him Morgan need his help and will ask you to buy him a beer first. If he doesn't give you information after the first beer, buy him a second beer and he should give you the required information on how to kill a Vampire .

He will tell you that you need a hammer and a stake. If you don't have a hammer, purchase one from the Varrock General store. 

Step 3: Killing Count Draynor

Grab your weapon and armour , plenty of food and make sure you bring your hammer and stake. Head to Draynor manor North of Draynor village and once inside, go toward the Eastern room and go downstairs.

Once in the room, open the casket and the Count Draynor will appear. Fight him until he his low life then either equip your stake or use the stake on him to finish him off.

If successful, you will kill the Count Draynor completing the quest.