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The Knight's swordUpdated: 19-08-2019 18:59:13


Speak to Sir Vyvin's Squire.

Quest Start Information
Start point

Talk to Sir Vyvin's Squire in the White Knights' Castle courtyard in Falador.


10 Mining
10 Cooking (Optional)
15 Smithing (Optional)
A player to distract Sir Vyvin
Food and Armour (Recommended)

Items needed

(hover over picture)

Quest Points

1 Quest Point
Smithing experience: Level * 375 + 350

Optional: Faladian Sword if you made two during the quest.



Step 1: Talking to the Squire


Talk to the squire in the southern room of the White Knight Castle. He will tell you that he lost Sir Vyvin's sword. He will ask you for your help to retrieve a new one. He will tell you that Imcando Dwarves were the one who made that sword but believes they no longer exists.

He will tell you that Reldo the librarian at Varrock Castle might have information about the Imcando Dwarves and ask you to talk with him.

Step 2: Talking to Reldo


Go to the Varrock library in the northern room of the castle and talk to Reldo. He will tell you that he believe there's an Imcando dwarf that live on the southern peninsula south of Port Sarim and that their favorite food is Redberry pie.

*If you have no pie dish, make sure you grab one from the room to the East of the library.

Step 3: Making the redberry pie

* Make sure you grab more redberries in case you burn your first pie.

For this part, you will need to gather redberries found south of varrock west to the mine. Once you have the redberries, grab a pot and head to the Lumbridge wheat field next to the mill and grab some grain. Go upstairs in the mill and process the grain and go downstair and use your pot on the dough.

Use a Bucket of water on the dough  to create some dough and then use the dough on a pie dish and lastly, use the redberries on the pie dish. Now simply cook the Redberry pie.

*You might have to cook more than one pie if your cooking level is low.

Step 4: Talking to thurgo and getting the portrait


Go south west of Port Sarim until you reach the Southern part of the peninsula where you'll find Thurgo wandering around his house. Give him the Redberry pie then talk to him.

During the conversation he'll offer you to make a sword for you but first he'll need a portrait of the sword to make an exact replica.

Go to the White Knight castle in Falador and speak to the squire again. He will tell you that you can find the portrait in Sir Vyvin's quarter found on the third floor.

Go on the second floor and head toward the South-West corner then go upstairs . 

Search the cupboard while Sir Vyvin's is looking away and you'll get the portrait.

For the next part, you will need a Pickaxe, a weapon and armour and make sure you bring some food. It's also advised to bring two iron bars as well.

Step 5: Getting the Blurite ore


Go back to Thurgo and he will take the portrait and will ask you to get him some blurite ore to make the sword. Go on the cliff next to his house and go downstairs.

Go past the muggers, pirates, hobgoblins until you reach a zone with Ice warriors. You will see some Ice giants roaming around Blue rocks. Try to reach the rocks while avoiding the giants if you are lower level and mine some blurite. Once you have the blurite, leave the dungeon and go back to Thurgo. He will now make you the sword. Once you have it in your inventory, go back to the squire and hand him the sword which will complete the quest. If you want a sword for yourself, read the part below.


If you want the sword for yourself as a collectible, mine two blurite ore instead of one and instead of having two iron bars, bring four. When he give you the Faladian knights sword, drop it on the floor and ask him for the Faladian knights sword again, once he give you the new sword go back to the squire.