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Pirate's treasureUpdated: 19-08-2019 18:52:05


Do you want to hunt for treasure? Redbeard Frank, a pirate that lives in Port Sarim, knows where you can find it. You'll just have to convince him to tell you, though.

Quest Start Information
Start point

Talk to Redbeard Frank



Items needed

(hover over picture)

Quest Points

2 Quest Points
450 coins
Cut Emerald
Gold Ring



Step 1: Talking to Redbeard Frank


Talk to Redbeard Frank found in the Port Sarim inn found in the North Eastern building above Port Sarim dock.

He will tell you about treasure. Say that you want to get the treasure and will ask you to get him some Karamja rum.

Step 2: Getting the rum


Follow the Docks southwest until you see Captain Tobias and pay him 30 coins to travel to Karamja. Once you arrive in Karamja, Go to the pub and purchase a bottle of Karamja rum for 30 coins.

Go talk to Luthas in the house North East of the pub and say that you want to work for him. He will ask you to gather 10 bananas. Once you gathered the 10 bananas go south of Luthas house and fill the crate with the bananas(take care to not eat the banana. Click use on the banana than click on the crate) then place the rum in the crate once you filled the crate with the bananas. Go talk to Luthas which will pay you 30 coins for the job well done.

Now had back to the ship and sail back to Port Sarim after being inspected by the custom officer.


Upon landing at Port Sarim, go to the building south west of the dock and equip your apron. Talk to Wyson and tell him you are looking for work. He'll hire you then go in the small room on the other side of the door. Search the crate until you find the hidden rum and bring it back to Redbeard Frank which will reward you with a key.

Step 3: Hunting the treasure


Go to Varrock and go inside the Blue Moon Inn south of the General Store and go upstairs. Head into the west room and use the key on the chest. You'll receive a note. Read it and it'll tell you that the treasure is hidden in Falador Park.


Go to the Falador park and start digging behind the southern bench next to Wyson the gardener by using the spade on the flowers to receive the treasure which will complete the quest.

* If Wyson the gardener see you digging the treasure, he will attack you.