Hello all vanillas, thank you for all the latest bug reports, its nice to see that we are getting more and more complete!

The following fixes has been made as of 15/09/2018:


  • Mountain dwarf had missing dialogue for different quest stages, fixed.

  • Mining wont be interrupted when you are under attack anymore, instead it will finish the swings.

  • Wyson the garderner had missing dialogue, added.

  • The Goblin Generals for Goblin Diplomacy quest did not have the correct dialogues, fixed.

  • Fixed typos for Thurgo and Squire npc dialogues in Knight's sword quest.

  • Fixed a bug where Sounds could be 'delayed.

  • Fixed a bug where you could not cook on a fire near the Lumbridge Castle.

  • Added Aubury runes shop back to its location.

  • Corrected the runes amount in all the runes shop, it was reflecting five worlds, but are now having the count as one RuneScape Classic world.

  • Fixed a bug where Burying bones would trigger twice when spam clicking.

  • Corrected all skilling delays to match classic.

  • Draynor manor Cabbages are now replicated, the message and defense boost.

  • Ernest the chicken had a missing dialogue, added.

  • Fixed a bug where the Ghost would not appear after picking up the skull in the Wizard tower basement.

  • Fixed a bug with the Mining Instructor in Tutorial Island, where the dialogue would just repeat itself.

  • Added sleeping in Hammocks, these can be found in the gnome areas.

  • Fixed a bug with Waterfall Quest - Golrie and the key.

  • Fixed a bug in Observatory quest regarding the Goblin Guard.


  • Added Community feeds (In a future update it will contain website related feeds aswell as blogs).

  • Added Discord Widget onto the side of the frontpage.

Best Regards,

Anyone who has never made a mistake has never tried anything new.