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Patch Notes 1.0

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The following fixes has been made as of 13/09/2018:


  • Unidentified herbs had wrong sprite and names, corrected.

  • Removed an unusual building in Lumbridge while having roofs on.

  • Fixed the skill delays (IE: Fishing, Thieving, Mining).

  • Removed a duplicated door in tutorial island.

  • Removed right click features from bankers.

  • Added a missing display tea spawn in varrock.

  • Fixed a crash where axes had wrong animation display.

  • Fixed a bug regarding dropping an item, where if you dropped an nonstackable item it would drop all of those items in your inventory.

  • Fixed the correct coordinate for mage arena ladder.

  • Fixed a typo when pickpocketing npcs

  • Made cake stall only reward cakes.

  • Fixed the dummies to match classic. 

  • Fixed a message typo error when cooking certain items.

  • Prevent adding 'friend' to friendlist if player does not exist.

  • Matched smithing to how it works in Classic and removed the make 'X'.

  • Fixed a bug where you could not exit the gate from alkharid to lumbridge.

  • Flax picking object had the right click option "pick" as the first item, which is wrong it should be on the second to match classic.

  • Fixed a client message bug going to the wrong history tab.

  • Misc typos and errors


  • Added Private Messaging.

  • Fixed a bug with uploading avatars.

  • Installed SSL certificate for our domain url [Trusted website].

  • Fixed an error when posting image links.

  • Fixed an error in the registration script.

  • Disabled the ability to hide from the HiScore page.

The Android application has been released for RSCVanilla, you can download the application here

-RSCVanilla staff team.

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You rock Zell. Thanks for your hard work!

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