Hi everyone, 

I hope your October and autumn is going smoothly! 

There will be a  Halloween Party on at Draynor Manor,   October 31st Sunday  1PM  Central. Festivities will include an Apple Pie Bake-Off, Find the Cabbage, Bon Fire Race, and  Zombie  Mayhem! Wear something spooky,  let's have some fall fun. RSVP by putting a pumpkin on this post in Discord. 
10 10 10 14 Tournament

Sunday,  November 7th

1PM Central 

No Magic.  No Ranged. No Prayer

To sign up, post in  #tournaments    -charactername  10 10 10 Tournament. 

1st Place - Dragon Med Helm and 250k gold pieces
2nd Place - 500k gold pieces
3rd Place - 250k gold pieces