Regarding level 32 tournament

26 September 2021, 2:00pm US central time

Assemble in EDGEVILLE at the posted time

MAXIMUM Level 32 Combat throughout your fights.

Maximum armor allowed is full Iron with kite.NO HIGHER TIER ARMOR 

Food and potions will be provided

No spells stronger than fire strike allowed for this tourney
No poison of any kind.
All fights will be 1v1
Each match consists of 2 rounds.  If there is no kill in the first round of fighting, then the second round is a death-match. (A round is defined as: when a player’s inventory is depleted from full food to 0 food)
Whoever dies first loses, and is out of the tournament. (unless you died in semi-final, losers of semi-final fight for 3rd place) 

If prize money reaches high enough, it will be distributed between 2 events, the standard 1v1 bracket tourney followed by a free-for-all at castle  with prize money going to the last man standing.