Greetings everyone,

Happy July! We will be kicking things off with a bang this holiday weekend with some events. Hope you can make it there amidst the celebrations. I tried to spread them out over some different times. 

Friday 7/02 - 6pm  central  time  Taverly Black Demons

Saturday 7/03 - 8pm central time Ice Plateau
  - kill Ice Warriors and Ice Giants
   -note that this is in the wilderness and is unsafe - do not bring items you do not want to lose

Sunday 7/04 - 1pm central time Greater Demons on Entrana
  - bring runes or unfinished ranged gear. 
  - slowly equip better gear dropped from the Greaters

     4pm central time  Shilo Village Party
      -after party at the Jolly Boar Inn

Monday 7/05 - 4pm central time King Black Dragon
  - don't forget your dragonbreath shield!