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Patch Notes 13.0

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A few changes has been made as of 2021-01-14.


  • Path handling has been improved and works like real RSC.

  • Updated the old login and logout service to prevent rollbacks and for better performance.

  • The game is now processed like real RSC, which has been asked about numerous times due to timing issues.

  • Hall of Fame has been updated with latest achievements.

  • Kill feed is back as a client feature.

  • Trading and Dueling interface speed is now fixed.

  • Prayer restoration has been fixed, and you can no longer abuse the logout/in trick.

  • GP stacks are now properly shown and not using shortage.

  • Android client has been updated with bigger scroll bars to be more user friendly.

  • Welcome message when new player appears on the server.

We would like to welcome Mod Greeen, Mod Zephyr and Mod Sno to our Staff Team!

They have been long lasting members for over 2 years now and they have the knowledge , the passion and the heart at the right place to help newcomers.

Big Welcome!

Anyone who has never made a mistake has never tried anything new.

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Welcome to the team Greeen, Zephyr and Sno!

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