These are the following changes for Patch 12.0, live as of 06/04/2020.

Update Log:

  • Fixed door reset timer.

  • Fixed logout issue after being attacked with ranged/magic in the wilderness.

  • Fixed wilderness agility course.

  • Identifying Tarromin now require level 11.

  • Fixed low and high alchemy spells. It will now alch the entire stack of stackable items and give coins accordingly.

  • Fixed ogre behavior in King Lathas training camp. They can only be ranged/maged now.

  • Fixed an issue with Legends Quest experience rewards.

  • Ned's is now accepting balls of wool during Prince Ali Rescue quest.

  • Fixed an issue with potions.

  • Fixed fishing guild and Shilo village fish store.

  • Fixed an issue where you could manage to teleport and lure away NPCs.

Have a great summer and thank you for playing and supporting RSCVanilla.

Best regards,
RSCVanilla Staff Team.

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