! 609469342932926484.png?v=1 Level 24 PK Tournament609469342932926484.png?v=1 !

609470099166068759.png?v=1609470139586445317.png?v=1609470067230375936.png?v=1593408108294832128.png?v=1 2 (TWO) MASK SETS AND D MED FIRST PRIZE 593408108294832128.png?v=1609470099166068759.png?v=1609470067230375936.png?v=1609470139586445317.png?v=1
609470170632683549.png?v=1 2nd Prize - Santa Hat + 150k GP 609470170632683549.png?v=1
609470321103339570.png?v=1 3rd Prize - 2x Easter Eggs 609470321103339570.png?v=1
609469387014930434.png?v=1 Saturday Feb 29th 5:00 PM EST 609469387014930434.png?v=1


If you have further questions or wish to donate to the prize pool, contact ZEPHYR on discord, or contact the tournament's host, BONESY.