609469342932926484.png?v=1 Level 21 PK Tournament609469342932926484.png?v=1

!!593408135008354335.png?v=1 Pink Party Hat 1st Prize 593408135008354335.png?v=1 !!

Saturday Feb 15th 8:00 PM EST

-1 defense only 609470170632683549.png?v=1
-NO magic over Fire Strike (lvl 13 spell)609482075497693188.png?v=1
-NO poison609475579170914324.png?v=1
-All fights are 1v1 each fight consists of 2 rounds. If there is no kill in the first round of fighting, the second round is a deathmatch. 609469387014930434.png?v=1
-Single Elimination593407573181595648.png?v=1
-Edgeville 593408168403402773.png?v=1

If you have further questions or wish to donate to the prize pool, contact myself (ZEPHYR on discord) or contact the tournament's host, BONESY.