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So like, what's the deal?

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I played 2001-2006?  Whenever switch to RS2 came out and they nerfed all the stackable items.

I'm looking for a high quality server that will last and that stays true to original.

Rev promised this but now they heavily modded it (I quit that place 2 years ago).
Emu keeps tanking and I'm tired of training new chars for new servers all the time.
OpenRSC doesn't seem populated, but seems to have potential
RSCDawn went south for whatever reason

Is this server populated?
Is it going anywhere anytime soon?

Can anyone tell me what the deal is here? 
Is pk active and at what level?



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Mains usually active in wilderness, although we have had some low level combat pk tournaments and plan to have more in the future.  This server is a replica of the original and has been up for over a year. 

Hope that answers your questions and I hope to see you around!

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