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1-Year anniversary event information [Ended]

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Tomorrow will be RSCVanilla first year anniversary! During this festive day, we'll have two rare items that will be dropped as a token of gratitude for playing at RSCVanilla. Below you will find more information concerning the drops.

Drop information:

Date: 12th September 2019.
Location: All around the F2P areas *Fourth drop will be limited to F2P wilderness*.
Duration: 24 hours starting on September 12th and ending on September 13th. (was extended another 12 hours).

First Drop: 00:00 GMT+2
Second Drop: 06:00 GMT+2
Third Drop: 12:00 GMT+2
Fourth Drop: 18:00 GMT+2 *F2P Wilderness Drop*
Fifth Drop: 00:00 GMT+2 (September 13th)
Sixth Drop: 06:00 GMT+2 (September 13th)
Seventh Drop: 12:00 GMT+2 (September 13th)

You can type ::event in game to have the timer for the next drop.

The two items that will be dropped during the events:

387.pngDisk of returning: Tradable (unlimited amount can be collected)
246.pngHalf full wine jug: Tradable (unlimited amount can be collected)

Thank you everyone that been part of the adventure this year and we hope to see you all for another great year of Runescape Classic.

If you find any bugs or have an issue, make sure you let us know through our Bug tracker or by joining our Discord

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The event is now over!

Thank you to everyone who participated smile 

-Long Live RuneScape Classic!

Anyone who has never made a mistake has never tried anything new.

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