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is anyone playing?

  • Started by MtnDewGuy72
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  • MtnDewGuy72
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i skipped the tutorial and i was taken to a place where there are no players.
is anyone playing in this "starter town"?

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  • ScaR
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Yes smile. Check discord wink. Add scar, will hook you up with a starting package. What is your ingame name? 

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I pk each and every raccoon in wild...bleed them...slaughter afterwards. Oh, already did.

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  • Kevin
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Welcome to RSCVanilla  MtnDewGuy72!

As Scar mentioned we usually hang out on discord to chat! In game, people wander all around doing many different tasks when they play. If you want to talk to the players in game, you can do ::say message (Replace message by actual message. This is to talk on the "Global" chat). The global chat history can be found within the "Quest" history tab at the bottom of your screen.

If you have more questions, feel free to join our discord. Many people will be happy to help you out!

Happy gaming!

If you find any bugs or have an issue, make sure you let us know through our Bug tracker or by joining our Discord

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