Hello Adventurers.

We are proud to present the patch notes for Patch 11.0, which have both major and minor additions.

Remember when we said that we would do our own "kind of" Wiki integration to our website? It's now completed and it will be further developed in the future to cover more aspects of the game than just Quests, Gameplay, Bestiarys and Game Features.

Regarding the Combat Formula for PVE, we have listened to your feedback and made some changes.


  • Made changes to our PVE combat formula to make defense more balanced.

  • New Java Loader which will solve the problems some people had with the previous loader - now that JavaFX been removed from JDK.

  • Fixed an issue where Unholy Symbol Mould would appear by killing any monster after Observatory Quest.


  • Fixed a lot of styling issues (I.E the Post Editor out of height).

  • Added our own RSC Wiki(ISH) Guide System for our website, containing (Quests, Gameplay, Game Feature guides).

  • Added Item Bestiary and Npc Bestiary.

  • Made a lot of SEO changes for our website.

  • Added center and video BB-Code tags.

    [center]text[/center] and [video]YouTubeURL[/video]

The new Guide System let us update/create any guide to our website. If you would like to help out and make some guides, please reach out to Kevin on our Discord and he may grant you access if suitable.

Best Regards,

Anyone who has never made a mistake has never tried anything new.