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Bugtracker organization

  • Started by N0gz4u
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  • N0gz4u
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First off, I would like to say that the bug tracker is truly appreciated by the RSCV community and vastly improves the game, but could use a bit of tweaking. Upon looking at the bug tracker, the most important bugs are displayed at the top (bugs with the most priority), yet most of these bugs are either fixed or pending. I feel that we should redirect all fixed bugs into a separate area, or add a filter to be able to see all current pending/unconfirmed bugs in the game. If the fixed bug posts aren't redirected into a new area of the bug tracker I would suggest we make sure the pending and unconfirmed bugs take priority over fixed bugs, despite how many people have voted for priority.



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Hello, I understand what you mean with your suggestion, though did you know that you can sort it the way you want it?

Just click on any column and it will descend or ascend.


Since it has the feature of being able to be sorted in multiple ways by just a simple click, I don't think it's needed to change it?

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found a bug on the BRAD door, the last D says 3rd dial instead of 4th dial making a bit of confusuin.

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