Hello everyone, we are very pleased and happy to see the huge increase in activity on RSCVanilla lately. We thank you all for the continued support and below is a summary of the latest changes smile

Update Log:

  • Fixed giving ball of wool in portions for Sheep Shearer Quest.

  • Adjusted the Magic Spell damage to be more like classic damage (following the community damage table which was listed in the Bugtracker #241).

  • Fixed Ranged and Magic running from combat shooting timer(s).

  • Fixed the requirement for wielding regular Battle Staff, obtainable from Zaff.

  • Fixed a dialogue loop bug with Gujuo npc for Legends Quest.

  • Corrected the Mage Arena non-attackable boundaries as per Beast Fable's Bug Report.

  • Added a missing platform object in the underground pass third dungeon area.

  • Lighting a fire caused players to be frozen, it has now been fixed.

  • Black Knight Fortress bug(s) and Black Knight npc behaviour authenticity fixes.

  • Dark Mage npc in West Ardougne were missing but he's now back in action.

  • Corrected Guard dogs and Undeadones aggressive tile radius.

  • Fixed an threading issue which could cause players to loose their inventory.

  • Fixed the broken dragonstone amulet recharging at the hero's fountain.

  • Corrected the Magic casting timer to be exactly like classic.

Best regards,
RSCVanilla Staff Team.

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