Hello all RuneScape Fanatics! Here's Patch 9.8 with the following fixes:


  • Fixed a bug where aggressive npcs would just 'follow' you around instead of straight catching/attacking you 1 tile away.  See Report#213 and Report#224.

  • Fixed a bug where if you clicked on an npc to attack/talk-to from over a fence you wouldn't walk path to that npc, instead just stand still.

  • Added Ugthanki meat cooking and Ugthanki kebab making.

  • Corrected Well object to not accept any water containers but Buckets.

  • Fixed a bug  with mage stopping you from shooting through certain fences, which was caused by an earlier bug fix.

  • Corrected both Unenchanted/Enchanted battle staves equipment bonus.

  • Fixed Unenchanted (30 attack, 30 magic), Enchanted(40 attack, 40 magic) battle staves wielding requirements.

  • Fixed Staff of Iban wielding requirements (50 attack, 50 magic).

Best regards,
RSCVanilla Staff Team.

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