Yesterday and todays update includes the following:

Patch Log:

  • Level 30 pirates are no longer aggressive.

  • Fixed a couple issues with our multi threaded environment.

  • Replicated the scenery for Thieving Chests.

  • Fixed an issue where it was not possible to open the gates in the Dungeon Rat cage from the inside.

  • Implemented the real RSC sleeping captchas for more authenticy feel, rougly ~4000 sleep words were recorded.

  • Added missing dialogue for Femi in Gnome Village.

  • Added authentic NPC respawn rates for all npcs.

  • Fixed up almost all retreating npcs (that we had collected data for) and fixed retreat at the correct HP level.

  • Corrected a minor typo in the Waterfall Quest.

  • Fixed the Fence with loose pannels to enter McGrubor's Wood.

  • Blocked the gate in McGrubor's Wood to be exited from.

There were a lot more fixes, which I have (for now) lost notes of due to using multiple computers and my messy handling of notes. I apologize and I will update this post as soon as possible.

Note: If you somehow have collected RSC sleeping word pictures, then we would appreciate if you wanted to send us those so we can add even more words to our captcha!

Best Regards,

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