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D.I.Y. Bows

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This is a Area guide on productive skilling involving woodcutting, fletching and crafting. (This can include magic. 55 magic required for high alchemy)

In this guide it assumes you have:

  • The fletching level to create a shortbow (Level 5 fletching).

  • The crafting level to spin flax into bowstring (Level 10 Crafting).

  • The woodcutting level to chop tree's is 1 so that is guaranteed covered.

  • 60 GP to take a boat from Port Sarim to Musa point, then foot travel to Brimhaven furthermore voyage from Brimhaven to East Ardougne. (Coins can be obtained by successfully thieving a "man" {NPC} a total of 20 times.)

  • That you have a knife, a woodcutting axe, (Bronze axe can be purchased from Bob's Axes for 16 gp, but recommend coughing up the 200 gp for a steel axe as all axe's can be used at level 1, the higher the better. A knife can be found on the second floor of the general store in varrock, Behind Lumbridge Castle/ Behind Bob's Axes.)

  • Lastly a Sleeping Bag. (General Stores sell them, the Adventure's Shop in East Ardougne also).

  Once that all these requirements are made & you are in East Ardougne, head North to the Fish Guild(If you see chickens you've gone to far), then west past the bridge, continue due west until you land @ Tree Gnome Stronghold. Walk through the front gate. Welcome to your home until 50 fletching. But do not shed a tear, you will return! Once hitting 65 Fletching  "Yew" will be back!

From the gate facing into the Stronghold head North-east, you will spot the Tree Gnome Stronghold Agility Course. Just due south you will spot a ladder that leads into a home with a spinning wheel, this is where you will spin flax into bowstring. As for the Flax it is directly below that ladder. fill your inventory minus one spot. (Leave one spot available so that you can obtain the logs of your choice {minus maples}) In that surrounding area is/are, normal trees, oak trees, willow trees, yew trees & magic trees. Chop, Use the knife on the logs, fletch the best bow you can make, whether it be short- or longbows. Use the Bowstring you just spun & attach to the bow created. BAM! You have your first bow! "But wait i am full now!" No worries! Walk Due west and climb the first ladder you see! (Not the spinning wheel ladder!) If you see a magic tree you have gone to far. Once on the tree top, the gnomes with the black garments are your bankers. Repeat, run, pick, spin, chop, cut,bank! 


Advanced Section: With magic, make sure you have nature runes, fire runes and/or a staff of fire. Apply above method, minus banking adding the high alchemy spell. This indeed would be the fastest method of said method. I personally recommend doing high alchemy only when doing yews and higher. YOU CAN do it on maples, but if you do so... do it with maple longbows. Keep in mind if you are doing this it can take a longer time than someone banking due to the clicking, but will return a higher profit then selling to the general stores.


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I'll definitely use this for 50 fletching. Maaaybe 65+ eventually.

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