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Guide to self made account! (beginner)

  • Started by red knight c
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  • red knight c
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This is a learning process but hopefully holds true for the future.

So you want GP but don't know what sells and what doesn't! Well no worries! Here is where it all starts!

To start, right out of tutorial island you have 25 gp. Perfect! grab yourself 2 pots of flour and 4 (buckets or jugs), then go put water in one of the two, and go pick 8 grain just north of lumbridge castle. Make 8 breads, cook them. You should remain with minimum 2-6 breads after cooking. 7 or 8 if lucky. now go kill chickens! do that for 10 attack 10  strength and 10 defense. Save the feathers, bury the bones, cook the chicken!

After doing so. Go to the front of Lumbridge castle, steal from the men with no weapon equipped so you don't kill them. Do this until you have 200 gp. With the 200 gp go to Bob's Axes and buy a steel axe.

Next go grab a knife in the basement of lumbridge castle. Your inventory does not matter as long as you have 2 free inventory spaces, as you will need 1 for logs and one for arrowshafts. chop logs and make arrowshafts until you have 5 fletching. Now with your 5 fletching and your higher level in woodcutting head north to varrock. Bank your items only keeping a hatchet, sleeping bag, a knife, and an empty slot for coins to stack up. go north of varrock general shop, there is 6 regular trees in the court yard area of varrock castle, Chop down 10 regular logs and start walking to the general store. Fletch your logs into the best bow you can and then sell them to the general store. rinse and repeat until you can make oak shorts at 20 fletching. With this method it is best to sell 10 at a time due to lower payments with more items sold to the general store. as to be efficient with time this would be best.

After 20 fletching i recommend getting thieving up for cold hard cash until you can do silk stalls. Do silk stalls until you can steal from the nature rune chest in ardougne. Once you can, wait 10 minutes to 15 minutes to sell the silk to the silk merchant (man in pink) resulting to almost 10k if not 10k in GP! A nice solid cash stack. 

Good Luck!

From, Illhelp

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  • Mr Greeen
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Very cool way to get started!  Thanks for some tips big_smile ! 

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  • Negative-Zero
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i found you keep your stuff from tut island so only if do the tutorial you get the 25gp, the runes and some other objects spawn in inv regardless thugh.

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