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Patch Notes 9.0

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Hello Ice Cream fanatics, here's the update log for Patch 9.0:


  • Fixed the teleport coordinates going up ladder from Grandtree underground.

  • Fixed all NPCs maximum hit to match RuneScape Classic. Multiple npcs had wrong highest hit due to a erroneous formula.

  • Slightly lowered the NPCs accuracy against Players.

  • Fixed a bug with tackling gnomes in the gnomeball minigame.

  • Corrected Gypsy dialogue and the "1Gp fortune reading" cost.

  • Fixed numerous bugs and dialogues in Fishing Contest quest.

King Black Dragon & Elvarg:

  • Your Ranged level is now decreased with the correct formula when Attacking KBD (Range, Magic and Melee).

  • You are now being damaged by Ranging or Maging the KBD, the damage is based on a formula depending on your current hits.

  • Respawn timer is now 1 minute and 15 seconds (authentic respawn rate).

  • It's spawn coordinate and radius walking is now authentic to RSC.


  • Fixed a bug with uploading avatars via forum profile.

We wish you a very nice weekend!


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Niiiiiiice one guys thank you very much I can't wait to go mine some coal at the grand tree. xd

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