The following changes has been made live as of 2019-02-20:


  • Android performance optimizations, it's now much more smooth and runs at 50fps.


  • Fixed a random bug with collision where players would be unable to walk on a specific tile until the player reconnected to the server.

  • Fixed a rare bug where you would end up in a black area by spamming ladders.

  • Fixed a bug where game objects/wall objects could glitch and vanish.

  • Multiple game core performance fixes.

  • Corrected the King Black Dragon lair ground items to match Runescape Classic lair.

Replicated Gnomeball Minigame


If you find bugs, have any issues make sure you report it by using our Bugtracker or by joining our Discord.

Best regards,
-RSCVanilla Team.

If you find any bugs or have an issue, make sure you let us know through our Bug tracker or by joining our Discord