The following changes has been made live as of 2019-02-16:

Server fix:

  • Fixed fishing trawler.

  • Fixed good wine/bad wine formula.

  • Replicated Kitten To Cat system.

  • Replicated Civilian Npcs default dialogue and trading full grown Cat for 25 death runes.

  • Fixed Sinister chest herbs loot.

  • Added Global Chat (10 seconds delay, ::say)

  • Block/Enable Global Chat in the Settings menu.)

  • All regular doors and gates are now closed by default.

  • Corrected the fire and death runes rewards for Underground Pass Quest.

  • Fixed the Hopper in North Ardougne.

  • Misc, performance fixes.


  • Added a top bar to our website with Server status, discord, and total accounts.

  • Fixed a few minor styling issues with posts/threads.

If you find bugs, have any issues make sure you report it by using our Bugtracker or by joining our Discord.

Best regards,
-RSCVanilla Team.

If you find any bugs or have an issue, make sure you let us know through our Bug tracker or by joining our Discord