The following changes has been made live as of 2019-01-16


- Fixed a bug with a link behavior in the drop down list at top of our website for new registered members.
-Removed Hide from hiscore option in the account manager.
-Player avatars are now displayed on the Community Feeds.
-Fixed up the broken design of page Request-Password.


-Updated server libraries to latest.
-Fixed player position (upon login) to be facing North like RSC.
-Re-fixed a critical bug while identifying herbs.
-Replicated Poison Chalice
-Replicated the thieving from a Tea Stall

If you find bugs, have any issues make sure you report it by using our Bugtracker or by joining our Discord.

Best regards,
-RSCVanilla Team.

If you find any bugs or have an issue, make sure you let us know through our Bug tracker or by joining our Discord