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Patch Notes 6.0

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Hello everyone, i'm happy to finally announce the long awaited patch. Let's dive right into it!


  1. Moved to our new dedicated server located in Canada.

  2. Fixed an issue where if someone changed in-game password they would not be able to log back in.

  3. Fixed the rockslide for Hero's quest.

  4. Fixed an issue with identifing herbs.

  5. Corrected the agility level for the Yanille handholds.

  6. Fixed a bug where npcs could walk out on blank tiles by walking through objects and become unavailable for interacting.

  7. Fixed the aggressive npc behaviour to be more authentic to RSC.

  8. A lot of performance tweaks to our server core.

  9. Private messages could sometimes have a delay of sending out message, the problem has now been found and fixed.

  10. Private messages now follow the same message format like the regular chat authentic to RSC.

  11. Fixed Gold and Silver rock respawn rate.

  12. Chaos druids will only drop the mould if you have completed the Observatory quest.

  13. Fixed an issue in sheep shearer quest where you had to give the entire 20 ball of wools to the farmer to complete quest.

  14. Fixed a bug where aggie could not recognize all water containers but bucket of water.

  15. Fixed a critical bug where it was possible to glitch the menu(s) IE: Silk Merchant npc.

  16. Replicated the khazard cupboards in Fight Arena (open/close/search) to give khazard helmet and chainmail.

  17. Crystal chest has been updated with new rates.

  18. Mans do no longer retreat from combat.

  19. Added missing option dialogue for Kortan and Aemad.

  20. Fixed all the bartenders to not trigger the dialogue with barcrawl minigame if completed/not started.

  21. It's now required to have a level of 35 agility in order to enter barbarian outpost.

  22. Bad wine no longer give cooking exp, and good wine exp has been corrected to the right amount of 110 cooking experience.

  23. Corrected the Gnome Agility Course exp to be 90xp total per lap.

  24. Fixed a mini behaviour regarding if the player already has the scorpion cage in inventory upon starting Scorpion catcher Quest.

  25.  Removed scorpion cage upon completing the Scorpion Catcher Quest.

  26. Replicated Arhein dialogue fully.

  27. Fixed a bug where entering the boat to Keep LeFaye was possible even if you were not on the right quest stage or had finished the quest.

  28. Deadly red spiders are now retreating on low hp.

  29. Fixed a bug with retreating npcs - would attack you right after retreating instead of staying away with low health.

  30. Tweaked the thieving pickpocket formula to be more realistic rather than being fail proof.

  31. Fixed a bug where it was possible to enter 'double combat' with an npc during interacting with another npc.

  32. Adjusted the cooking formula to be more authentic to real RSC.

  33. Players who have completed the Hero's Quest can now retrieve the candlestick to help another player with this quest.

  34. Players who have completed the Hero's Quest will now be able to retrieve the Miscellaneous key to help another player with the quest.

  35. Fixed a teleport/walking behaviour with grip(heros quest), which caused him to be stuck inside the cupboard room and players who came after the previous player would not be able to continue with their quest.

  36. Fixed the Lost City quest dialogue(s) and stages, special thanks to Kevin.

  37. Friendlist and ignorelist has been entirely rewritten to work with eachother smoothly and be ordered based on legacy / online status.

  38. Replicated some missing object action and functions for Gertrudes Cat Quest.

  39. Replicated crafting amulets, ring and necklaces.

  40. Replicated the big net fishing where a player can catch between 0 and 4 items per attempt.

  41. You can now pick up items 1 tile away if a Player whos in combat or if an Npc whos aggressive is standing on the item position.

  42. Fixed up dragon slayer quest - missing dialogues, stages and functions.

  43. Fixed underground pass mechanics for Souless, Paladins and some item on item functions. 

  44. Added missing unicorn & skeletons npcs in underground pass boulder area.

  45. Fixed the items given from opening the Witch's chest in Underground pass.

-The android application updater has been solved for all devices..

:NOTE: You will have to uninstall and download the new android application and from there it will allow you to install future versions.

-Fixed an issue where emails would not be sent out on registration.


Monster Drops

-Large changes:

  • King black dragon

  • Renegade knight

  • Paladin

  • Moss giant

  • Otherworldly being

  • Warrior(18cmb)

  • Dwarf

  • Farmer

-Fine tuned:

  • Chaos dwarf

  • Earth warrior

  • Pirate

  • Giant

  • Ice warrior

  • Ice giant

  • Black demon

  • Greater demon

  • Lesser demon

  • Black dragon


  • Warrior(27cmb) - now drops nothing except bones.

  • Oomlie bird - now drops meat.

We sincerely apologize for the registration error, but it's all sorted and works as expected now.

I would also like to give a special thank you to Snider for all the hard work with the NPC Drops.
Another special thank you to DOPESMOKER for his time dedicated to put RSC information on RuneScape Classic Wiki!

Lastly, thanks to the community for reporting the bugs to the bugtracker and gathered information: Videos, images and other useful data.

Best regards,
-RSCVanilla Team.

Anyone who has never made a mistake has never tried anything new.

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Insane work mate! Thanks much.

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Nice one Zell! Thanks !

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Rsc, never forget. Thanks

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