The following changes has been made live as of 2018-11-16:

-The chat is now working as it did in RuneScape Classic.
-Silk stall exp has been corrected to 24xp instead of 20.
-Tourist Trap entering the gate triggered jail send with or without wearing armour or weapon.
-Crumble undead max hit is now 8 instead of 12.
-The NPCs aggressiveness towards players max level has been corrected to match classic.
-Cutting webs fail and succeed rate formula has been adjusted to 50% like in classic.
-Fixed blessed spider aggro behaviour in underground pass quest.
-Brother Jered in Monastery is now having his real dialogue.
-Oyster pearls are now able to be chisled and attached to make Oyster pearl bolts.
-Dark Warrior drop table has been adjusted to match classic.
-Fixed a minor issue with landscape map in wilderness.
-Shantay npc is back to his location in Shantay pass in Al-kharid.
-Added Ugthanki Kebab.
-Added Kebab recipe drop to Shantay.
-Added Oomlie Meat Parcel.
-More fixes that I have lost notes of, however I will eventually remember them (sorry).

-A new admin backend panel has been made for full player/forum handling.
-Added player avatars (currently only being displayed in the admin backend, however in a later update we will display them both in the Community feed and the option to enable them in your forum post bit instead of the Forum Avatar).

-Misc preparations for World 2.

P.S We are working on the new server as fast as we can, we want to release a complete server with loads of features on day 1 instead of a half assed server where players need to wait weeks or months for new content to arrive. Since we have no pressure it means we can take our time and make the best server out of it. 

Best regards,

Anyone who has never made a mistake has never tried anything new.