Hi everyone! Once again another small patch, but there will be a bigger secondary one either this weekend or on Monday which will close all the current bugs listed on the Bugtracker and more.

Here's the list of Notes 4.2:

- Chaos druids now have the chance to drop 2 herbs instead of only 1.
- The fighting dummys in Lathas Training Camp have been implemented and using the RSC Behaviour of 50xp per hit and maximum 10 swings.
- There were an empty room in Brimhaven which has now been replicated with it's real objects.
- Removed your messages from being blocked when having "Block Chat Messages" on.
- Giant spider level (8) is no longer aggressive.
- Fixed the steel bar messages & behaviour for when using on a furnance.
- Teleporting while in combat was not possible before, it has been solved to match RSC.
- Black unicorns are now retreating.
- The gate on Frozen Wastes Plateau/Ice Plateau in Wilderness can now be opened.
- Bouncer in Fight Arena is now aggressive.
- Witches house Ball could be picked up without completing the Shapeshifter combats, fixed.
- Fixed a few server performance issues regarding the inventory and the new plugin system chains.
- Added Sapphire amulet to Davons amulet store in Brimhaven.
- Corrected Gullucks and the sons shop in Grand Tree.

Best regards,

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