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Patch Notes 4.1

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Hello again everyone!

Today we had a little bit smaller but yet a very important update for RSCVanilla, the update contains the following:

-Fixed a bug where arrow shafts gave twice more xp than original (10xp -> 5xp per 10 shafts).
-New shutdown handler to smoothly save all players and shutdown the server.
-Fatigue could go above 100%, has been fixed.
-Added missing replicated objects/grounditems and npcs to the first underground area in Digsite.
-Fixed a bug where the 4th plague sheep could be stuck against the fence [Sheep Herder Quest].

Snider is helping me going through all the monsters drop tables and he has been doing an incredible job thus far to fix their rates.
All credits goes to him!

These are the following NPCs which has been changed from the previous:

Darkwizard (13), (25)
Chaos druid
Zombie(19) (24) (32)
Dark warrior
Skeleton (21) (25) (31) (54)
Warrior (27)
Mountain Dwarf
Hobgoblin (32) (48)
Chaos Druid Warrior
Ice Warrior
Ice Giant
Lord Darquarius
Lesser demon
Greater Demon
Blue dragon
Fire Giant
Red dragon
Black Demon
Black Dragon
King Black Dragon

-Donation page and donation tracker goal has now been released! 

We are now accepting donations. Donating are purely voluntary and we do not expect anyone to donate. If you can afford donating to RSCVanilla then it's extremely appreciated. All the donations we get will go towards server costs and advertising.

Best regards,

Anyone who has never made a mistake has never tried anything new.

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W00t w00t! Nice work Zell smile

Big thanks to Snider for taking time out of his grind to fix the tables !

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