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Patch Notes 4.0

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  • Zell
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Hello everyone! I am happy to announce patch notes 4.0. Here are the following fixes and changes as of 2018-09-24:

-Black arms gang searching the cupboard has been fixed.
-Fletching bug with attaching feathers on arrow shafts, fixed.
-Fixed phoenix gang chest.
-Added the cart driver in Shilo village.
-Fixed a bug where beads of the dead could be sold for the wrong amount in Shilo.
-The Holy Grail quest is now working as intended.
-Replicated the golden feather pointing the right walk direction [holy grail quest].
-Ned was not showing up in one of the boats, hes now back in action.
-Replicated the prayer guild dialogues and requirement.
-Fixed the Goblin Guard in the Observatory, it should not be a requirement to kill the guard in order to unlock the gate.
-Grandpha jack is now located both in Hemenster and behind the zoo in Ardougne (like in real classic).
-Fixed a bug where you could not exit the ladder in Zanaris.
-Fixed a bug where you could do actions if you timed burying bones with combat.
-Replicated the location of the boat trip from Arhein docks to Keep Lefaye.
-Removed the option of 'all to bank' and 'all from bank' from the Certer Npcs.
-Replicated ALL the certer npcs with their correct dialogue(s).
-Replicated the Forester npc gate dialogue to McGrubor's Woods.

-Changed Hall of Fames 'First to complete hero's quest' to 'First two players to complete hero's quest'.

Anyone who has never made a mistake has never tried anything new.

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  • Padwan
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Nice job! However fatigue isn't right in terms of the genuine rsc.  You can barely get 2 full loads of cooked tuna without having to sleep. You could get 3 full loads of sharks cooked not burning and just be short of 100 fatigue on the original. Thanks.

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