Hello, RuneScape Classic Fanatics!

The following changes has been made as of 19/09/2018:

-Potions are now being displayed like classic and not using custom sprites for doses.
-Alching is no longer triggering Inventory tab for Desktop users, however it stays available for Android only.
-Right click options for Aubury NPC has been removed.
-Skill guides has been removed from the client entirely.
-Removed the keyboard input numbers to Question Menus for Desktop users, this feature is only available on Android now.

-New Ranged/Throwing Formula where Npcs/Players defense/bonuses are being calculated, to match RSC ranging.
-Removed Fatigue message alert, this was a non-rsc behaviour.
-Bandits in the Bandit Camp (wilderness) is now having their correct Shout message when attacking a player.
-Removed "inventory is full, dropping item" message - did not exist in RSC.
-Fixed a bug with Pirates Treasure Quest, Readbeard frank would not give you the key if you lost it.
-Water containers are no longer 'batched'.
-Fatigue rate has been adjusted to match RSC fatigue rate.
-You won't be able to retreat from combat, nor will it cancel your mining if you are mining while under attack - RSC behaviour.
-Invisible walkable tiles in Ardougne and Alkharid has been removed.
-Removed ::fatigue and ::skull command.
-You are now able to trade over the Lumbridge River Swamp.
-Fixed the private messages to be more like RSC.
-Corrected the experiences for Identify Herbs.
-Tutorial Island is now more replicated, but not yet entirely [Many thanks to DOPESMOKER & ornox for replicating!].
-Fixed a bug where Ned would not be responding or be available to players in the Dragon Slayer Quest.
-Fixed a rollback issue which could happen in rare cases with the Database handler.

-Players are now displayed with a global rank in the HiScore page per respective skill.
-Fixed a bug where Experience was displayed as Level and vice versa in the Overall ranking.

I wish everyone a good day and happy gaming!

Anyone who has never made a mistake has never tried anything new.