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Ernest the chickenUpdated: 19-08-2019 18:49:00


Who do you ask for directions when you are lost? Definitely not the people who live in that spooky manor! But that's exactly what Ernest did. Now it's been an hour and Veronica, his fiance, hasn't heard back from him. Can you find out what happened to him

Quest Start Information
Start point

Talk to Veronica



Items needed

(hover over picture)

Quest Points

4 Quest Points
300 coins



Step 1: Talking to Veronica


Talk to Veronica outside the Mansion in Draynor. She will tell you about Ernest. He has been in the house for a hour and he hasn't came out yet. Tell her that you will help her find Ernest

Go into the Mansion then go up the stairs. Once you are on the second floor, take the nearest stairs to reach the last floor where you will find Professor Oddenstein. Talk to him and ask about Ernest. He will inform you that he changed Ernest into a chicken. He will also claim that his machine is broken and can't change Ernest back into a man. 

He will request that you get him three items. A rubber tube, a pressure gauge and an oil can.

Step 2: Getting the oil can


Go back to the main floor and head to the south-western room. Go down the ladders . This room contains a puzzle solved by pulling levers. You need to pull the levers in a specific order.

-Pull Lever A then Lever B. Go through the north-eastern door.
-Pull Lever D. Go through the south-western door then go through the southern door.
-Pull Lever A then Lever B again. Go through the north-western door, then the western door, and then the northern door.
-Pull Lever E then Lever F. Go through the eastern door and then through the other eastern door.
-Pull Lever C. Go through the north-western door then through the western door.
-Pull Lever E. Go through the eastern door, then the southern door, and then the other southern door.

At last, open the western door where you can grab the oil can.

Step 3: Getting the pressure gauge


Go back to the main floor. Go upstairs and then to the Eastern room and grab the fish food. Go back downstairs to the ground floor and pick up the poison in the western room near the witch.

Use the poison on the fish food to create poisoned fish food.

Go to the Eastern room and make sure you grab the spade and head outside. Walk around and go to the west side of the Mansion then head south. Once you reach a fountain, use the poisoned fish food on the fountain which will kill the piranhas and search the Fountain to obtain the pressure gauge.

Step 4: Getting the Rubber Tube

Go north of the Fountain until you reach a Compost heap. Use your spade on the heap and you will obtain a closet key. Go back into the manor through the front entrance and use the closet key on the small room behind the stairs leading to the second floor and grab the rubber tube.

Use the key on the door again to leave that room.

Now you have the three objects requested by Professor Oddenstein, head back to the last floor of the Mansion to give him the items. He will transform Ernest back into a man. Ernest will thank you for helping him and give you a reward.