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Shilo VillageUpdated: 25-08-2019 04:16:34


New areas in the Southern part of Karamja Island have been discovered with a mysterious village. Who knows what hidden treasures exist, and what dangers lurk to guard them?

Quest Start Information
Start point

Talk to Mosol Rei, who is outside of Shilo Village in the south part of Karamja


Completion of Jungle Potion
Level 4 Smithing
Level 20 Crafting
Level 32 Agility
The ability to defeat three level 83 Nazastarool without using magic or food during the fight and run past many level 60-80 Undead monsters

Items needed

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  • Good Food to survive the fight
  • A law-rune and an air-rune to teleport away
Quest Points

2 Quest Points
Access to Shilo Village
Crafting experience: (Level + 1) * 125



STEP 1: Talking to Mosol Rei

First, travel to Brimhaven and walk until you reach the entrance of Shilo Village. Near the cart you will see an NPC with a brown shirt named Mosol Rei, talk to him.

Why do I need to run?
Rashilya? Who is she?
What can we do?

Mosol Rei location:

Eventually he mentions talking to Trufitus in Tai Bwo Wannai. There are two ways to get to Tai Bwo Wannai, a long way which doesn't require Agility and a shorter way which does need 32 Agility.

The long route to Trufitus is by travelling west along the south fence of Shilo Village and then directly north.

The shorter way to Tai Bwo Wannai is travelling east along the river until you reach stepping stones in the river. Balance on the stones across the river then head north west along the river until you reach a log bridge in the river. Balance on the bridge and then travel north a few steps then directly west until you reach Trufitus.

Trufitus will tell you that Rashiliya is a fearsome enemy who'll be hard to find and the "Queen of the Undead". Make sure you get him to tell you about the temple between bodies of water, or you won't be able to dig to find it later on. He recommends to evacuate the island rather than help you find her so you'll have to start your investigation more or less without his approval.

Make sure to ask him every possible option or else you won't be able to proceed with finding the clues.

Trufitus location:

STEP 2: Finding the clues

You'll need to find some clues as to the whereabouts of Rashiliya. Head east and balance over the log bridge and then travel south across the river until you reach a Bumpy Dirt. Use a spade on it to enter a cave. Keep on walking south past the undeadone until you see Pile of rubble. Search it, it will take you to a new cave area.

Dirt spot location:

Follow the path until the end and you'll see Rotten Gallows, search them and you'll get Zadimus corpse in your inventory. Then search the sacks north of the Rotten Gallows to find crumpled scroll. Move your way back in this cave area but don't leave it yet. You'll see in the north-east corner of the cave area another Pile of rubble. Search this to obtain tattered scroll. Now go back to the previous cave area by searching the other pile of rubble. You'll immediately see a Smashed table. Use the craft-option, and then click on the second option (a crude raft). This will take you out of the caves.

Head back to Trufitus and read the two scrolls you just found. Show the tattered scroll, the crumpled scroll and the Zadimus corpse to Trufitus. Now go a few steps to the west and you'll see a statue (just outside the building of Trufitus) go stand just before the statue and bury the Zadimus corpse. A ghost Zadimus will appear and you will get a bone shard in your inventory. Go back to Trufitus and talk to him.

STEP 3: Stacked rocks north of Cairn Isle

Now head south-west of Tai Bwo Wannai to the Cairn Isle with the long bridge. Cross the bridge to the island. Go to the north-west corner and search the Well stacked rocks. This will take you to a Tomb of Bervirius. Follow the path and search Tomb Dolmen, you'll find a sword pommel, locating crystal and bervirius tomb notes. Climb your way up using the Handholds. Read the scroll and head back to Trufitus and show him again all the new items. Now you'll make a bronze necklace. Use your chisel on the sword pommel to get bone beads. Then use the bone beads with the bronze wire to get beads of the dead.

Stacked rocks location:

STEP 4: The Fight

Before entering make sure you have teleport runes, as there is the distinct possibility that while trying to leave through the entrance, you can fail to climb the rocks and die due to damage. But it is possible to walk back out through the front door using the bone key.

Now go east of Tai Bwo Wannai and cross the log bridge again. Then a little bit to the east you'll see bright-green-leaves tree which has a "Search" option. Use the locating crystal which will help you to locate the exact spot. When the tree is searched, a Hillside Entrance will appear. It has a "search" option. After searching, you will notice that it has a lock made of bone. You will now be able to chisel the Bone Shard you received earlier to make a bone key. Use the key with the door to enter Rashiliya Tomb.

Be sure to wear your beads of the dead or you will receive a lot of damage. Do not attempt to use spells to attack any of the monsters, as this will cause you to be choked every time you cast.

STEP 5: Shilo Dungeon

Now that you have entered you'll see a Metalic Dungeon Gate. Open it to enter and climb the rocks. There are level-62 undeadone, and aggressive level-21 skeletons within this section. Go south-west and you'll see some Tomb Doors. Use three regular bones on the door to unlock it.

Now it's time to fight. Search the Tomb Dolmen. (Leave beads of the dead on before you search it!)

The monsters that will appear in order follow. If you run from combat, their hits will restore completely.

Nazastarool Zombie (level-83)
Nazastarool Skeleton (level-83)
Nazastarool Ghost (level-83)

After killing the three undead, search the Tomb Dolmen and you'll find Rashiliya corpse. Leave the cave either by using the bone key on the front door, teleporting, or dying. Then head back to Trufitus and show him the corpse.

STEP 6: Finishing the quest

Go back to the Cairn Isle and go to the north-west corner and search the Well stacked rocks again. Use the Rashiliya corpse on the Tomb Dolmen and Rashiliya will appear. After a little talk, the message will show up that you have completed the Shilo Village Quest. Well done.