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Merlin's crystalUpdated: 21-08-2019 15:48:40


King Arthur has a quest for you and if you complete it, you can become a Knight of the Round Table! All you have to do is figure out how Merlin the wizard became imprisoned inside a giant crystal and release him.

Quest Start Information
Start point

Talk to King Arthur in Camelot.


Another player to distract Arhein
Must be able to defeat Sir Mordred (level-58), and kill or avoid multiple Renegade knights (level-51)

Items needed

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Obtained during quest Obtained during quest
Quest Points

6 Quest Points
Completion is needed to start the Heroes Quest



STEP 1: Talking to King Arthur

Talk to King Arthur to start the quest. Then talk to Sir Gawain and Sir Lancelot to learn more about Keep LeFaye. Keep talking until either of them explain that Keep LeFaye receive deliveries by boat.

King Arthur location:

STEP 2: En route to Keep LeFaye

Go to the dock of Catherby and ask Arhein about his deliveries. Get another player to talk to Arhein. While he's distracted, board his ship to stow away on it.

Upon arrival, head up two flights of stairs to the top floor and kill Sir Mordred. When Morgan Le Faye appears, spare her life to discover how to break the spell. Go back down one flight of stairs and escape via the ladder to the west. Once outside, kill a level-32 bat immediately to the south-west for its bat bones (which you will need later).

Arhein location:

STEP 3: Getting the black candle

Pick up the insect repellant from the house north of Catherby bank, and grab your bucket. Head to the beehives west of Catherby, and use the insect repellant on one, followed by the bucket to get wax. Take the wax to the Candlemaker in the house west of Catherby bank and ask about black candle. Speak to him again with the wax bucket and he will hand you a black candle.

Beehive location:

STEP 4: Getting Excalibur

Head to the lake south of Taverly and talk to the Lady on the peninsula about Excalibur. Walk into Grum's Gold Exchange in Port Sarim. A beggar will spawn when you try to open the door. Give the beggar the bread, and he will transform to the Lady, who then gives you Excalibur. If you do this section multiple times, you can obtain multiple Excalibur(no dropping necessary).

Lady Location:

STEP 5: Learning the magic words

Go to the Chaos Temple in level-11 Wilderness, north of Varrock. Search the altar to find the magic words: "Snarthon Candtrick Termanto."

Altar location:

STEP 6: Killing the demon

Go back to Camelot, and head north-east around the castle until you find a pentagram. Light your black candle with a tinderbox, drop the bat bones on the pentagram, and use the magic words to vanquish the demon. If you use the wrong words, the demon will attack you for a brief fight, and then disappear. You will be required to get a new black candle to complete the ritual(the bat bones end up back in your inventory).

Demon location:

STEP 7: Freeing Merlin

Head up the castle's south-east tower and use Excalibur on Merlin to free him from the giant crystal, and then speak to King Arthur to complete the quest.

Merlin location: