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Hero's questUpdated: 25-08-2019 16:48:54


Every adventurer is welcome into the Heroe's Guild...if you can prove you are worthy first. Do do this, you just need to get three special items, but this will be no easy task. Are you bold enough for this quest?

Quest Start Information
Start point

Speak to Achetties outside the Heroes' Guild north of Taverly


53 Cooking
53 Fishing
25 Herblaw
50 Mining
56 Quest Points
Must have completed: Shield of Arrav, Dragon Slayer, Merlin's Crystal, and Lost City

Items needed

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  • Another player to help you to obtain the Master thief armband. They can have already completed the quest as well.
  • Unfinished potion (Harralandar and vial of water)
  • Equipment to survive against attacks from Ice Giants, Ice Warriors, Ice Spiders, and various monsters in the members Taverly Dungeon up to and including Black Demons.
Quest Points

Experience in all these skills in the amount of: (level*50)+75
Access to the Heroes' Guild
1 quest point
Ability to wield the Dragon axe



STEP 1: Talking to Achetties

Start by talking to Achetties standing outside the Heroes' Guild north of Taverly. To enter she'll tell you that you'll need to collect three items: a firebird feather, a cooked lava eel and a master thief armband. You can obtain these three items in any order.

Achetties Location:

STEP 2: Getting Firebird Feather

To collect a firebird feather, you'll need to kill the Entrana firebird on Entrana and pick up the firebird feather while wielding the ice glove.

To obtain a pair of ice glove, you'll need to kill the ice queen and to find her you'll need to complete the ice queen Maze.

Entrana Firebird location:
Queen maze:

STEP 3: Getting Oily Fishing Rod

To obtain an oily fishing rod, talk to Gerrant at Port Sarim in his fishing shop (Gerrant's Fishy Business) about catching an eel. He'll give you blamish snail slime which you can use in an unfinished harralender potion at 24 Herblaw. The resulting mixture, blamish oil, can now be used on an ordinary fishing rod to make it an oily fishing rod.

Gerrant location:

STEP 4: Getting Cooked Lava Eel
To obtain a cooked lava eel, you'll need to catch a raw lava eel in the Taverly dungeon directly south of the blue dragon's room. To catch the raw lava eel you'll need to use an oily fishing rod and fishing bait. It's recommended to catch 2-3 raw lava eel in case you burn one when cooking it.

Remember to take at least 3 pieces of fishing bait and the oily fishing rod, armour and food to protect yourself from poison scorpions, chaos dwarfs, lesser demons, baby blue dragons, blue dragons and black demons.

Lava eel location:

STEP 5: Two Part Section (One Each Gang members)

This section of the quest will be split into two parts, the first for the Black Arm Gang members and the other for the Phoenix Gang members. Follow the section which applies to you.

Black Arm Gang Members

Speak to Katrine in the Black Arm Gang's headquarters about becoming a master thief. She'll ask you to steal Scarface Pete's candlestick from his mansion in Brimhaven but to first visit the Black Arm base on Palm Street in Brimhaven with the password (four leaved clover).

Once inside speak to Trobert about the candlestick. He'll tell you that the head guard of the mansion, Grip is employing a new security guard, an ex-Black knight named Hartigen. After receiving the stolen ID paper you must impersonate Hartigen by wearing a large black helmet, black plate mail body and black plate mail legs. (The helmet and legs may be purchased in the Champion's Guild and the body in Horvik's armour shop in Varrock.)

After infiltrating the mansion and presenting your ID paper to Grip, ask about your duties and what you could do for him now. He'll give you a miscellaneous key for which he doesn't know the use. Trade this to your Phoenix Gang partner player. Once your partner has infiltrated the side entrance, lure Grip into the back room by snooping in his alcohol cupboard. Your partner will take this chance to kill Grip by ranging through the window. Take his dropped keys when he dies and unlock the treasure room. You'll find two candlesticks in the chest, one of which you should trade to your partner. Return to Katrine with your candlestick and she'll be impressed enough with you that she'll award you the master thief armband.

Phoenix Gang Members

Head to Varrock and talk to the gang leader, Straven. He'll tell you that in order for you to receive the armband you'll need to steal a candlestick from ScarFace Pete who lives in the Brimhaven mansion. He tells you that there are two associates on Brimhaven who you should contact using the password "gherkin": Charlie the cook and Alfonse the waiter.

Travel to Brimhaven with at a ranged weapon to kill Grip with. The highest type of bow you can wield and at least 50-100 arrows are recommended. Talk to Charlie the cook in the house just west of the mansion remembering to use the password Straven gave you. After the conversation walk through the north-east most door of the room and talk to the Alfonse the waiter also using the password. Now get a miscellaneous key off your Black arm partner and then travel back to the room with the waiter. Push the Strange Panel on the west-most wall of this room and make your way through the guard dogs into the small, north-most room along the mansion. You'll have to use the key your partner gave you to enter this room.

When your partner brings Grip into the room, ranged Grip with your ranged weapon. After you kill Grip you can leave the room and wait for your partner outside the mansion who'll trade you the candlestick.

Take the candlestick back to Straven in Varrock and he'll reluctantly give you the Master thief armband. (It should be noted that you MUST kill Grip to obtain the candlesticks. Getting a candlestick from a player that previously completed hero's quest will not work. Also, a player that previously completed the hero's quest can still help you in the player assisted portion.)

STEP 6: Finishing the quest

Take all three of the required items to Achetties outside the Heroes' Guild. She'll reward you if you successfully bring her the required items and welcome you into the Heroes Guild. Well done!